Monday, October 20, 2008

And you don't think you should apologize???

Okay, So the Story is this.........

This is a continuation of my previous blog. This is going to explain exactly why I'm so pissed off, and I want you guys to tell me if I am being Lied to right to my face, or if this is REALLY a misunderstanding...........

So you can keep up, the neighbor who lied to me we'll call her Neighbor 1, and the other involved neighbor, we will call Neighbor 2.

Okay, So every year in November my Neighbor 1 throws herself a birthday party, because it's around Thanksgiving.

Well, I was talking with Neighbor 2 and she was asking me if I got invited to Neighbor 1's party yet. I said "no". She said, well make sure you look for your invitation she's giving them out soon, so one should be in your mailbox. I said okay. (Now I'm home 24/7 and I'm the first to always get the mail, it's never left in the box for any amount of time.) So During these 2 weeks until her party, I'm being asked by other neighbors if we were going to her party. I said "no, we were not invited~but I heard she's apparently giving out invitations so I'm just waiting for ours." Another time I was at their house 2 times in this 2 weeks and never once was told or asked why we did not RSVP to this party~or if we were even coming. (Normally I get a phone call, or in passing of seeing them they ask if we are going to come~which never happened.) So now I'm like, "okay~maybe we are not invited." Bill was like, maybe they just forgot the invitation. I was like okay, whatever.

So Neighbor 2's son's birthday was at chuck e cheese the day before Neighbor 1's big birthday party. So I brought Donovan and Jordan Because Brayden was sick with a fever. Neighbor 1's husband showed up with their son, but she was not there. So I asked him (Let me tell you that this is an exact quote from the husband. I swear on all of my children's lives and my husband's lives and I remember it like it was yesterday!!)
"So where is Neighbor 1? He said, "oh she's home getting the house ready". And I said "ready for what?" He said "oh, her birthday is tomorrow". I said, "Oh, that's right". Then I paused for a minute or two...(figuring if this was an honest mistake that he would say something to the effect of, "well aren't you guys coming to her party you know you were invited, or something like that.) Instead~I got this answer..................(And I Quote with my children's lives)

"Oh nothing.........Just hanging out."

OMG! I was sooo Pissed off. I said "Oh, well tell her I said Happy Birthday."

So then after that conversation, I went over to Neighbor 2 and asked her if she did any shopping because he son's party was on black friday. And she said "No, this morning we had to run and get his cake, and we bought a bunch of wings that the husband was going to make for Karen's Birthday party." I snottly remarked, "Oh, well just so you know, we were not invited to her party." Then she said "Really", and I said "well, I got my proof" the preceded to tell her about my conversation with Neighbor 1's husband. Neighbor 2 said "That's strange."

So I called Bill From Chuck E cheese and told him we were intentionally not invited their party and explained how I found out. I told him "Watch this, and I'm gonna call it~I am going to get a phone call either tonight or tomorrow from Neighbor 1, saying "OMG I just got off the phone with Neighbor 2 and she told me that you did not get the invitation."

Well, let's just say that the next morning while I was talking to my BFF in Arizona, who calls on my other line, with the exact quote that I told Bill! LOL!

I told her, "We were not invited", she said "yes you were", I said, "No we were not, and you know why I know we were not". And she said "no, why?" Then I told her the whole conversation with her hubby. Then she said "Oh Really?" and I said, "Yeah really~and with that we won't be coming to anymore parties~and I'm on the other line long distance so I have to go. Bye" and then hung up.

Since then, I have not gotten an apology which leads me to believe that all my assumptions, are correct, and since then no one has even mentioned the situation. (I am still talking to neighbor 2, and they said that neighbor 1 believes that they did nothing wrong.) HUH???!! THEY DID NOTHING WRONG?!?! THEY LIED TO ME AND GOT CAUGHT!!! LMFAO!!

So pretty much everyone here thinks I'm wrong and I should just let it go so we can all be friends........well anyone who is on my friends list knows~I've been lied to and letting it go without an apology is sooooo NOT gonna happen!

So since all of this, we have been shunned by everyone here, not invited to parties (which sucks for the boys, because I have to explain to them why we are not invited~and yes, they know the real story.) It hurts me to see this happen to them, but I refuse to look like the neighborhood asshole and just suck this up.

Did I get a Thank You from them for watching their son when he came over to play this summer??? Nope. Neighbor 1 just stayed in her house. I told the boys he could not come over until I got an apology. But, I let him come over anyway.

Did I get an emailed apology, nope
did I get a phone apology, nope
did I get a letter apology, nope.
nope, nope, nope.........

I am tired of being portrayed the resident bitch for something I did not do! I did not lie, they did!!! But I'm being punished for it!?!?!? Why???

Bill thinks this.....

"Maybe it's because we have a lot of kids, and they really don't want all the kids over there." (Neighbor1's hubby does not really seem to take to kids, and mine want to hang on him because they love him,) so maybe he did not want to be hung on, and did not want us there." So instead of asking us to not bring the kids (because everyone always brings their kids) then it would not look right. So it would be better to not invite us at all.

"Or maybe our invitation really blew out of the mailbox." I doubt it considering that I am always first to the mailbox, and we did not have really any wind this winter. We get a lot of wind in the summer.

"Maybe it really WAS a misunderstanding." Okay, I'd believe this if I did not question the day's activities to the husband and he flat out told me "Oh nothing, just hanging out" No mention of a party at all. and in the 2 weeks that I had seen them and spoke with them, they never once mentioned a party coming.

"Maybe it's because we have the house up for sale." Well, that is a REALLY stupid reason.....

So, I still have yet to understand why, but I find as the year has gone on, it's like we have cooties, and now really none of the neighbors talk to us.

But either way. That's the story so long and drawn out. But it's all the truth. This is what happened.

So please tell me if I am over reacting, or what. I feel like if I give in without an apology then I just look like a fool and that I let people walk all over me. And you all know that is not me at all.

Thanks for reading my novel!

Friday, October 17, 2008

20 Week U/S and Confirmed Gender!

20 Weeks Pregnant/The BIG Ultrasound!!
As confirmed it's baby boy #5!! I am not shocked as I told you when we conceived it was another boy! LOL! Bill is in disbelief, and the boys are upset as they really wanted a baby sister!
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