Tuesday, December 16, 2008

28.4 Weeks and Christmas is nearing....

So I am 28 weeks! Whoo Hoo! I am really happy because I get to feel this little guy move around a lot, and Christmas is almost here. What do the 2 have in common??? Absolutely nothing. LOL!

Santa was really good to the boys this year, They got a Wii, and a slew of everything for the Wii, they also got brand new Nintendo Ds's and a slew of games to go with those also. So it's like a video game Christmas! They are going to be soo excited!! I can't WAIT to play the Wii! LOL!

I just can't believe that Christmas is almost here, and this is the first year that everyone is done, my cards are all sent out on time, and I can just relax
I am feeling not so great. Last night, I had another bout of my wonderful painful condition. Everytime I stood up I was having a contraction, and I was experiencing a lot of pain in my hips, groin area,, and other areas we won't mention....LOL! I love feeling him move around, but in the same breath, I am soo done being pregnant if I am going to end up on bedrest this time again. At least this time it will only be for 2 months, instead of 4 months. I can deal with that.

Rowan got his stitches out the other day. LOL! It took 3 of us to hold him down and get them out, but the area looks like it's not going to scar if at all~which is good. I don't want him to have a scar.

I am so not ready for snow, or ice, or whatever we are about to get. I hate the cold weather, always have! I'm a summer all year type of person! LOL! How many more days until spring?!?!?

Whatever, you do what you got to do!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Rowan's first hospital trip last night

So I was cleaning my family room, and had the bunny cage in the middle of the floor, and I was vacuuming. Rowan and the kids were playing~and Rowan was being cute and spinning around the family room. Well he fell on his own feet, and took a header into the corner of the cage. By the time he was done gushing blood, I noticed that the cut was deep. I was not sure if it was deep enough to constitute stitches, but it looked pretty bad. So Bill was passed out upstairs, (mind you this was at 7:30 pm) so I rounded up all the kids, and headed to the hospital. (Better safe than sorry) 2 hours later, Rowan ended up with 4 stitches. Poor guy~I felt so bad for him as they were holding him down so he could not move. Poor guy was screaming his guts out!

So ontop of Bill getting neutered, it has been a long day! LOL! So now I have the "Stitch Twins" running around injured. LOL! Oh well, boys will be boys!

Monday, December 1, 2008

26.3 Weeks and my knee

So I am almost at that 30 week mark! Whoo Hoo! How exciting! However I want to murder the shortest of the Coral's because he ripped off the wallpaper border in the nursery, and now I have to remove the rest of it, and figure out what I am going to do for the new baby! Grr..... I can't believe that he did that! I was so happy that I had nothing to do to the nursery! (I knew it was too good to be true!)

Either way, I am feeling pretty good, considering that my knee is killing me. The more I stand or walk on it, the more it bothers me, sends a shooting pain down my shin, and around my knee cap. I can't stand it! Literally!

Thanksgiving was nice, and calm. The kids did not eat, but what else is new! I can't wait for school to start back up for a few more weeks! LOL! We are getting a Christmas tree today because in 4 more days...............


Yes! It's true! Unless God has other plans, we will officially be done being pregnant all the time!!

The kids are getting ready for Christmas. Donovan has a speaking part at church during mass, I can't wait to see what he's going to do! I'll record it! Speaking of recording, I video taped Austin moving around in my belly. He was beating me up like crazy last night! It was soo cool! I am going to miss feeling the babies move. It's such an awesome feeling!!

So we have decided to FINALLY take the boys to Disney for Christmas next year! I am really excited because I think my kids are the only kids that have never been there! So for us to actually make this decision to take them is awesome! Hell, if Jon and Kate plus 8 can do it, then we certainly can also! Except we don't have the huge entourage like they do!