Friday, August 28, 2009

Disney...then a disaster...

So our trip to Disney was so much fun! Considering that we had a hurricane on the coast, and a depleted tropical storm that came through also, the weather was hot, humid, and rainy. Typical weather from assumption though. I guess on the "rains 3 times a day" Floridians live by!

Our house was amazing, and it was so great to stay in a place where we did not have to share a pool, or any private time we wanted to have. The resort was beautiful, right on a golf course, and for all we got the price was certainly right! We will rent another house for our next trip, for a family of our size, it's really the right thing to do.

So we arrived in Florida about 11:30 am. The house was not ready, so we met up with Carrie, went to eat, drop off her rental car~and went food shopping. By the time we were done doing all of this, the house was ready for us. The kids were so impressed, all they kept saying was "OMG, this house must cost a fortune!!" LOL! They wanted to swim everyday, and the pool water was so warm and great~I was a happy camper! (I hate water less than 80 deg.) after we unpacked everything, we all literally jumped in the pool with all of our clothes on, it was so much fun!

Donovan learned how to swim that week, Brayden loved swimming with his swimmies on, and Rowan LOVED the pool!! Jordan was being cranky, so he hated everything that week...he just wanted to "go back to his Blue house!"

First we went to Magic Kingdom, and it was really nice, it rained a bit, but it did not last too much. Carrie pretty much taught us that when it rained there, we just do the shows, or the indoor rides. I was happy about the fact that all the lines were in buildings for the most part. So that really cut back on heat stroke and major sunburn!

Second, we went to Epcot. All the lines were really long for Soaring and test track, so we decided to do the countries, and come back to Epcot another day. All the fast passes were distributed for the day, so we figured that we would get lucky on another day....which we did.

Third, we went to Hollywood studios. That was a lot of fun! Brayden got to be in the Star Wars Jedi training show, he was so excited! Rowan got to meet his hero, Handy Manny! He was so cute, trying to claw his was out of my arms to get to him...I did not realize that he loved him so much! They got their faces painted (and I joined them). We went on the Tower of Terror ride, and OMG, I don't think I'll go back on it ever again!! LOL! It was soo scary!

Fourth, we went to Animal Kindgom. We were there for only an hour and 1/2 because I ended up with heat exhaustion, and Rowan had 102.2 fever and threw up all over Bill right before we went on the train ride from the petting zoo (which was lame) back to the main park. So we left right after that, and went back to the house. We swam, and got Rowan some Tylenol, and made him relax for the day.

The next day he was starting to feel better, so we went back to epcot, rode what we missed, then went back to Magic Kingdom to go back on the teacups, and go shopping. Bill and I even got a chance to get out on our own, and we went to Joe's Crab Shack and Downtown Disney to do some shopping. It was nice for just the 2 of us to get out and do something (which with 5 kids we hardly get to ever do.)

The ride down was really nice, all the kids slept, and we made pretty good time. The ride back home was another story! Brayden ended up catching whatever Rowan had, and when we stopped in Virginia to get a hotel and sleep, we noticed that Brayden had a fever. Soooo, now I know why we rented a house instead of a hotel room, it was chaos! Rowan was screaming and crying, Jordan was cranky and crying, Donovan passed back out, and so did Brayden. The kids need seperate rooms, or, rooms with not so many people! LOL!

The next morning, we get back into the car, and I gave Brayden a plastic bag in case if he had to throw up. Well, we just almost got into Delaware, and guess who throws up all over my car WITHOUT using the provided plastic bag!?!? All I heard was, BLECHHH,,,,BLECH......I said "OMG WTF WAS THAT?!" And Bill looks in the back and said, Oh no! Brayden just threw up everywhere! So now we pull over to the next exit, and I'm now cleaning puke! (Great way to end a trip huh?!) Well, now we had to call my dad and ask if he could bring Austin to our house instead of us picking him up, because now we had nowhere to put him! (we were only 120 miles from home.) As soon as we got home, I kicked out all the kids, and had to totally sanitize my car! GROSS!!! It sucks how puke finds all the tiny nooks and crannies that are hardes to get to! LOL! Thankfully, I got it all out, and the car smells fresh and clean.

Rowan was so good during this trip, it was amazing! We were really expecting to have a hard time with him, but he is known as the Observing child. He'll just sit and watch, and he's happy with it. as soon as I opened up the stroller, he walked right to it, and sat down and put on the seatbelt. It was so cute!

I can't wait until we travel again...but Disney will have to wait for a while. The kids liked it, but they noticed the "lack" of thrill rides for them, and were getting bored on the little slow rides (small world, peter pan, etc..) So next time (in about 3 years) we are going to do Disney Quest, Sea World, and Bush Gardens. We think that will be more fun. But until then, I think we are going to do little trips to Virginia, and North Carolina to the beaches...somewhere to just get away for a weekend, and relax. Bill and I don't know how to plan "relaxing" trips, we seem to be moving all the time! LOL!

Oh yeah, WTF with South of the Border!?! We went there because I figured it would be fun for the kids...and it was a ghost town! Practically everything is boarded up and closed down. It was really sad, I remember going there all the time as a kid, and it being so lively. I was kind of upset at how pathetic it was. I'd love to know what happened, and why it's so trashed.

Oh well! That's the practically Readers Digest version! LOL! Hoped you enjoyed reading!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


My God! Any other night these kids are pretty good with going to bed. They all go down at 8 p.m. even the baby. Sometimes we get those nights where 1 child will forget to "tell" us something, and they come in our room like 4 times before we have to get nasty with them.

But tonight is a worse night, these children will not go to sleep for the life of them. They are constantly playing and laughing and hitting each other. I've told them at least 10 times now to go to bed or they will be seperated. (The whole summer they have had sleepovers in each others rooms.) So now guess what?!? They are being seperated for tonight.

Today was one of those days. I bought a new mop because my floors need cleaning major. They broke it. I took them to the mall so I could do a few things, they did not listen. It's such an aggervating day today, and I JUST WANT THEM TO GO THE FRIG TO BED ALREADY!!! GRRR...

You would think that they would behave like this on a full moon, which It's not. Maybe they are just getting excited for Disney which is now only 3 days away, either way, I can not deal, and they need to go to bed. I look forward to my evenings with the Hunk, and it aggervates me today, that I have to deal with this worse case of silliness.

Someone please give me a beer!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Pensyltucky and Pig Roasts

So this weekend really showed me a whole new world of which I am not use to....

I played at a private party this weekend at this person's house. He had a very strong accent that almost sounded like a cross between German, and English. Really cool to listen to. LOL, so because I love people from other countries, because I love to learn about them, I asked him where he was from. He said "Here, I've lived here all my life". I was amazed. He said he was Pennsylvania Dutch, and that was where the accent was from. I felt so stupid. Here I am, only 40 minutes northeast of where I am living, and it's like a whole other world. I did not even know that such an accent existed!

There were 2 houses set on 60+ acres, and it had the most beautiful view of the mountains, it was unreal. The food was amazing, all handmade goodies, from pickled eggs marinated in beets, to zuchinni bread (which I thought was banana bread~so that is a great trick to feed kids that don't like veggies), There were also a dozen delicious desserts~rhubarb pie, some smores thing that was awesome. Needless to say, I was sick to my tummy~because it's all stuff that I don't normally include in my diet. LOL!

But the most gnarly thing caught my eye! I did not know it was a pig roast (which I've never been to before in my life!) So the guy opens up the grill/smoker thing~and there was A WHOLE PIG in it! OMG, let me tell you, I could not stop staring at this thing.....I think it's mainly because I've never actually seen my food still have a head! LOL! now this does not bother me in any way. I mean, it's survival of the fittest right?!?

Here I was, taking pictures and video of them cutting it, I just could not believe what I was seeing right in front of me! I will show pictures when I upload them (I don't have them now, they are on my phone.)

So the funniest part of this story is at the end of the party, the man hacked off the head, and let me bring it home to the boys! LOL! Yes I am serious! I explained that we've never seen anything like this before, and I thought they'd really enjoy seeing where their food comes from. So he cut off the head, and put it in a box, and told me to eat the cheek meat because it was the best meat on the whole pig. So I bring home my prize, and when I walk through the door with it, The Hunk's face was priceless~He was like "WTF is that?!?!" LOL! Then the kids came over, and they could not stop touching it, and looking at the teeth (yes, the teeth were still in tact.) So after they were done poking and prodding for a bit, we threw him away! I figured it would scare them, but on the contrary they wanted me to have the head mounted so we can put it on the wall! LOL!! Those kids are too funny!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Don't tell me no lies, and keep your hands to yourself!!

Today we went to Dorney Park again, because we did not go last Thursday. We had a great day swimming, playing, riding rides. Until we decided to let the boys play in this one play area next to the snoopy stage. It's like a big playhouse that is empty off of camp snoopy.

Either way. I was feeding Austin and watching the boys with the Hunk, then all of a sudden Brayden comes running out screaming that a boy smacked him hard in the face (No, he did not deserve it~for those who like to think such things of my when Donovan got punched in the know who you are....) the kid left a hand print on his face....So then I look in the window (which are huge), and I can see Jordan backing away from a boy who tried to hit him, and then saw he went behind Donovan, and Donovan tried so hard to hit the boy back in defense of his brothers. (sad thing is he missed these kids by 6 miles, and had a girlie limp wrist! LOL, he's so cute!)

Anyway, so then I tell the Hunk to run and go see what's going on. He goes and I'm not too far behind him. Then I see an Indian mom and dad come into the area also...(just my luck~here we go again!) Well, we pull the kids out of the house, and I automatically yell "Brayden, why did he hit you?" (right in front of the parents~so they can hear an explination), and he's crying saying "I don't know!!" So I look at the father, and say "we'll he needs to apologize to my son." Then Donovan said that the kid hit Brayden and then he tried to hit Jordan and himself, but they did not do anything to deserve it...the child who hit him also could not give an then the father puts his hands out in a calm down motion and says "Okay well, we all need to apologize to each other." (That was all he had to say!) Now I am super Pi$$ed! I looked at that Jerk and yelled at him "MY CHILDREN ARE NOT APOLOGIZING TO YOUR KIDS!! THEY DID NOTHING WRONG!!" I said, I do not raise my kids to hit other kids, because they know it's not right, and the'll get in trouble! I said, I already delt with a situation like this before where my kid got punched in the face for not doing anything, and my kids are not apologizing~sorry!" And I made the kids leave. Yes, I even threw an F-Bomb at him, but don't remember the context, I think I said he was Fu&%ing crazy/stupid/ if he thought my kids were apologizing. I was so mad, as we were walking away I yelled at him that I don't raise my kids to apologize to scumbag kids who like to hit people.

That's right ladies! I cursed my little heart out! The father even looked at the Hunk like "O-M-G" LOL! It was priceless, and the mother looked scared! LOL!! And the Hunk was like~"Uh Ho, here she goes!"

I'm sorry, but I do not approve of children being so loose with their fists and hitting each other over the stupidist crap, or crap at all! Yes, I am an advocate of not hitting back so the other child will be 100% in the fault when it comes to dicipline. I do not like fighting, it's not worth it. I have raised my children to not hit back just because of this reason, they will not hit back, but in turn tell on the child~so they are doing EXACTLY what I taught them. That's why when Donovan got punched 2 times in the nose, he did not hit back, instead, he told me what happened, because he knew if he hit those kids back, he would have been in a lot of trouble. They did the right thing.

But you know what?!? I am getting a little sick and tired of kids picking on my kids, and I've decided to start letting them take karate starting the fall, even though it's against my better judgement of hitting back. However, if they start getting picked on now, who is to say it's not gonna get worse, as they will be considered "easy targets" because they know they will not hit back. Well, things are gonna change as of tomorrow. I am approving of this hitting thing~but only in self defense. I still do not approve of throwing the first punch, and if it happens they are in MAJOR trouble, But if they are defending themselves, I am not going to dicipline them for hitting back, I am only going to hope to God that they made it worth it! If they get in trouble, like at school, Oh well~consider it a vacation day~I'll take them to Chuck E Cheese to celebrate!

Just so you know, I do not think my kids are perfect...I'm sure they annoy people and kids, just like others kids do the same, but I do not think that it's appropriate to hit, because a child thinks another child is annoying. (and for you parents who thought Donovan "Probably Deserved" to get punched 2 times in the face~you know who you are, and so do I) Just for the record, because I don't know if I blogged about the reason he did get punched........but the reason he got punched in the face was because the kids were trying to take off his Croc's and he did not want them to, so they got annoyed that he would not let them take his shoes off~so because they were annoyed, they punched him in the face. So now you stupid, inconsiderate Pieces of Chit, do you think he deserved it now?!?!?! Real good reason to punch someone in the face, especially a child~huh?!? Such mature thoughts for such tiny stupid brains!

Where was I....Oh......Sorry, back to my blog...I hate when I have an afterthought....

It's funny now as the kids get older, and you have to change your parenting style to fit what situation the kids will come across....I never thought that I would have to make this decision, and again, I'm not happy about it, but what am I gonna do?! Let my kids be punching bags for disturbed, angry individuals? I think not......I'd much rather them kick some ass!