Wednesday, November 4, 2009

What's wrong with your phone today?!?

So everyone knows I got the new Iphone 3GS......which I absolutely LOVE BTW!! However, the only reason that I got it was because I was singing in Northeast P.A. where I was not getting a Cell reception. Well, now that I am not singing up there anymore, there really is no reason for me to continue with the AT&T service. Might I add that my cell phone plan was $173.64 every month.

Also, you guys might remember that I recently Jailbroke my Iphone because of the fact that I love the cute themes (I love to be different), and I don't like being exactly held to what anyone wants me to do. So I was in the jailbreaking section of my Iphone program, and I noticed something that said "Sn0w". Then it said, "To unlock your phone to use other carriers..." OMG REALLY?!? Can it be THIS easy?!?! So I click on it, and all of a sudden it says that my iphone is unlocked!! Get outta here!!! So I grab Carrie's sim card for her cell phone, to see if it worked. And S.O.B. if it did not work!! So I then I found my old Sim Card for T-Mobile~for when I had the G1, and popped it in there and Holy Cow!! IT WORKED!!

So let me explain.....We had my old line still active because they were going to charge us $200 to cancel the line. So we but it to basic, and we were just paying $10 a month on it. So what I did was, Ported my phone number from AT&T to T-Mobile, so I can keep my AT&T number (which I love~yet again) and had them add the data plan $35.00 a month with unlimited texting and picture messaging.. They were happy to keep my business, and they said that they supported the Iphones. So how great is this??

I am still waiting for my number to port over, so for those who are calling me today, It is going to say my number is not in service. Hopefully by tomorrow I will be back and running. I am currently using my old T-Mobile number, but not giving it out because it will soon be history. I am so happy that I could jump up and down like an idiot!

A funny story....

So I got the mail today and we have a realtor at the shore, that we'll probably never use, but he sends up little newsletters with little facts, and the house of the month.


So there is this article that he put in there called "What's in your pocketbook??"

and it reads....

Researchers recently tested 50 purses for harmful bacteria and discovered that one in four handbags were contaminated with E. Coli, the bacteria found in human and animal waste. Many more were carrying other bacteria, such as Staphylococcus aurous and salmonella.

Researchers advise using a disinfectant wipe daily on your purse and, when in public spaces such as restrooms, suggest hanging your bag rather than placing it on the floor. It's also a good idea to avoid putting your purse on countertops or anywhere food is prepared....

Now I have to laugh.....If any of my children go near my $800 Louis Vuitton, or my $1200.00 Louis Vuitton, I have a caranary, so why on earth would I use a disinfectant wipe that could potentially ruin the leather~and destroy my investments?! LOL! If I owned a Walmart purse or something like that, then I would absolutely do it in a heartbeat~but....I don't think so! I do however like the whole "do not put the purse on the floor" idea...I have purse hooks so I don't have to do that, but with 5 kids nothing is guaranteed. Hell, I use my 1 Louis as my diaper bag for crying out loud! LOL!

Oh well, just thought any other Designer Purse Lover would appreciate what I read today!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

So unfortunate for who?!

So I went to Old Country Buffett the other day with the kids, (minus Donovan) and I had to take them to the bathroom. So I was waiting for Brayden to get out. So this old woman comes out of her stall, and says "Oh you have 3 boys?" I said, no I actually have 5. She said, "5 boys, you are so unfortunate!"

OMG, how can I be so unfortunate? I know Seniors are seniors, and most of the time can't shut a mouth up for the life of them, but come on~was that really necessary?!? I said to her, unfortunate for what?! That my boys are healthy? I don't think I'm unfortunate! And that is pretty much how it was left. People amaze me on how inconsiderate they can be. Then she proceeds to tell me that she had 3 boys, so my only assumption is that she doe not get along with her boys?! What do you think? I hope to have an awesome relationship with my kids when they grow up. They are already sweet boys, and I am so excited to see how awesome they will be in the future.

So our rugs for the basement and family room are coming The 7th! I'm so excited to finally see this basement finished. I really need to get all these toys out of here, and down there before I have to kill someone. LOL! The family room and kitchen are re painted and look very nice, and now I just need the finishing touches!

Austin is now starting to get on all 4's and rock back and fourth. So he's getting ready to crawl soon, It's so sad for me to see my last baby growing up! He got his bottom 2 teeth in at the same time~so explains for all the drooling, poor kid! He still won't sit up on his own, but I'm not worried, he will eventually. He's rolling around like crazy and getting into things just as well.