Monday, April 5, 2010

NYC Car show and how 'bout those allergies!

Let me start off by saying, that Bill and I have never stayed away from the kids (as much as we can remember) by ourselves without the kids. Yeah, we left Austin with Pop Pop and his Aunt when we went to Florida for the week, but we never left all the kids at any given time overnight.

Bill wanted me to go with him to the NYC Car show at the Jacob Javits center so we can see what cars I would like for next year. So Friday we left and got to our hotel, and then I had a fill in show with 9 South that night. The next morning we went to NY and walked to the show. There are a lot of new cars coming out that are so nice!! I think what we've decided on for me (now I just have to test drive them) is The Mazda CX-9, Mercedes R350, Chevy Traverse, and the Buick Enclave. We are also going to consider the Lincoln Navigator (but I really would like to be able to park in the garage~which won't happen if I get that car, also the fact that you tap the gas pedal, and all the gas is gone, really does not sway with me too well! LOL! (did I mention that it just cost me $50.00 to fill my Town and Country's tank~Ouch!) But we had a lot of fun! We walked to Bobby Flay's place Mesa Grill, only to find out that there was not 1 thing on the menu I can eat. So we ended up going to Heartland brewery right next to time square. It was awesome!

My allergies are getting worse each year as we live here. Especially my food allergies. You all know that I have a severe pepper allergy. All pepper from black to spicy peppers. (Well, everything in Bobby Flay's place had all peppers, even the muffins.) in the past month, I have almost had to go to the hospital 4 times due to me eating something I was not aware of that had stuff I am allergic to in it. So off to the allergist I go! I need some sort of relief. Between my sinuses acting up every week, to me eating someting wrong all the time, it's really getting to be too much for me, and I am terriffied to use my EPI pen. (heck, it looks really scary!) LOL! I really need something to make it all better, so I am really anxious to go to this dr.

I quit my band, so now I am officially a domestic housewife! LOL! It's fine with me, since I am changing avenues and going to go into voice over/jingle work now. I love bands, but it is so mundane and I've been doing it for 8/9 years now. Also the fact that my kids are in sports now, and they seem to have everything on Saturday's which does not work for me. Yes, I am a little depressed, but I am still doing fill in shows when available, so I will not be completely off the market. Just limited! LOL! Oh well, you do what you gotta do! I had a great last NJ show with my favorite band, and I would not have wanted it any other way! Thanks to everyone who came out to support me~I truly love you all! XOXO!!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Austin's poor finger...

Yesterday was the day from hell, so to speak. I got done shaving the dogs down and I wanted to change my clothes so I could go out and buy the stuff I needed for making Mozzarella. Well, I had left Jordan, Rowan and Austin on the first floor, so I could run up real fast and get changed. I'm in the middle of getting changed, and I hear Austin start screaming! Then I hear Jordan yelling at Rowan calling him bad. So Jordan comes up to get me (I was making my way down the stairs anyway, I figured that Rowan just smacked Austin, no biggie) Well, I get down stairs, and there is Austin on all fours with his pinky finger IN THE HINGE PART OF THE DOOR. Ugh, then I noticed that the door was fully closed. Now you know there is no give on that part of the door, so I opened it and was praying that his finger tip was not cut off. Well, his poor finger looked like a deflated latex balloon. Completely flat and shaped like a bendy straw. (Now, I have a really strong stomach, but this I could not handle and started gagging...) So now I'm shaking like a leaf, I call Bill and tell him I HAVE to call 911 because I did not know what to do! (Normally, I just tell them to shake it off, and they will be fine.........this did not look remotely fine to me.) So he left work early. I call 911 and explain to them what happened, and how I was embarrassed to call them over this, but it looked like his pinky was shattered. They assured me that it was okay! LOL!

So now I have 2 police at my house, and we were waiting for the ambulance. He had since calmed down but his finger was starting to swell really bad, and the gashes on both sides of his pinky just looked terrible! My friend Lori came over to watch the kids while I went to the hospital with Austin. My friend Sarah was awesome enough to pick up Brayden and let him have a playdate until we got Donovan later. (Thanks guys! XO)

Now the ambulance gets to us, and we go to the hospital. I have to say that they were so quick, I love St. Luke's hospital, I have always had such great things to say about them. Every experience we had was awesome! Anyway, we get into our room, and we only waited about 1/2 hour before we got into xrays (which he did not have a fun time in! LOL!) Finally Bill met us at the hospital while we were waiting for the results. NOTHING BROKEN!! It's amazing! What's even more amazing is that apparently the bone from the knuckle (mid knuckle) to the tip, there is not a bone on a child that age, it's all soft tissue. so the reason it was so flat was because it was all soft tissue! Amazing! I was soo relieved!! But I've had a constant headache from the beginning of this mess! LOL! Thankfully everything is fine. He is nursing the finger and not using it. Today his finger is like a tye dyed easter egg, all sorts of shades of colors. (my tummy turns everytime I look at it! LOL) But he's in good spirits, and I want to thank everyone for their prayers and thoughts on facebook for him! I really appreciate it! XOXO!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

I hate the snow, and I hate Dish Network

Well, since we are stuck in the house because of all this snow, I figured I would take a few minutes and blog for a bit, considering I have not done it in a while!

So wow! 10-15 inches of snow in 1 day! Amazing! I have not seen this much snow since we have moved here~so much for global warming huh? (well, they do say it's a myth.) So do you guys know what happens when we get this much snow?! OUR DISH NETWORK GOES OUT! That's right my friends, we are stuck now 2 days with no TV! But you know, it's not just the snow. It's the rain, a good wind~anything out of the ordinary shuts down my lifeline to sanity. Thank God that video games don't need any cable~otherwise I'd have to put these kids up for adoption!

Anyway, so I called Dish Network today to complain about how I never get reception when there is bad weather. All they could say was that my dish was placed in a bad location on my house and so the satellite must not be hitting it the right way~so pretty much they told me that I have to deal with it. I told them that I am not paying for service that I don't get. I have been without TV for 2 days now, and I told her that I am not happy. They told me that they would have to send out a Technician to see what the problem is, and that it would COST me 100 bucks! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! So now I have to pay for TV that I don't get to watch, and yet now I will have to PAY for this stupid man to come out and fix what should have been placed properly on my house to begin with?!? This is a BAD joke. Well, I ended up telling her that I should not have to pay for this person to come out considering my Dish never works in anything but sunlight and moonlight, and I will be canceling my service as soon as I get RCN back into my house. They did nothing to try to keep me as a customer~which was fine, we hated them from day 1 to begin with.

So the bad, gets worse!

So I get on the phone with RCN and explain to them my problem. Well, we find out we need 6 boxes for all the tv's in the house. (2 dvr hd, 4 regular onesn andSo after I am done figuring out what I need and such, SHE TELLS ME THEY HAVE NO HD DVR BOXES/regular boxes! Also, they apparently have NO IDEA when they are even getting them in!!! WTF?!? IT'S A CABLE COMPANY~they should have gazillions of these things!!! So needless to say, I am without tv (still) and I will have no access to regular cable tv until they get their shipment. What is this? The freakin twilight zone?!

It really stinks being limited on what cable providers you can have.