Thursday, February 11, 2010

I hate the snow, and I hate Dish Network

Well, since we are stuck in the house because of all this snow, I figured I would take a few minutes and blog for a bit, considering I have not done it in a while!

So wow! 10-15 inches of snow in 1 day! Amazing! I have not seen this much snow since we have moved here~so much for global warming huh? (well, they do say it's a myth.) So do you guys know what happens when we get this much snow?! OUR DISH NETWORK GOES OUT! That's right my friends, we are stuck now 2 days with no TV! But you know, it's not just the snow. It's the rain, a good wind~anything out of the ordinary shuts down my lifeline to sanity. Thank God that video games don't need any cable~otherwise I'd have to put these kids up for adoption!

Anyway, so I called Dish Network today to complain about how I never get reception when there is bad weather. All they could say was that my dish was placed in a bad location on my house and so the satellite must not be hitting it the right way~so pretty much they told me that I have to deal with it. I told them that I am not paying for service that I don't get. I have been without TV for 2 days now, and I told her that I am not happy. They told me that they would have to send out a Technician to see what the problem is, and that it would COST me 100 bucks! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! So now I have to pay for TV that I don't get to watch, and yet now I will have to PAY for this stupid man to come out and fix what should have been placed properly on my house to begin with?!? This is a BAD joke. Well, I ended up telling her that I should not have to pay for this person to come out considering my Dish never works in anything but sunlight and moonlight, and I will be canceling my service as soon as I get RCN back into my house. They did nothing to try to keep me as a customer~which was fine, we hated them from day 1 to begin with.

So the bad, gets worse!

So I get on the phone with RCN and explain to them my problem. Well, we find out we need 6 boxes for all the tv's in the house. (2 dvr hd, 4 regular onesn andSo after I am done figuring out what I need and such, SHE TELLS ME THEY HAVE NO HD DVR BOXES/regular boxes! Also, they apparently have NO IDEA when they are even getting them in!!! WTF?!? IT'S A CABLE COMPANY~they should have gazillions of these things!!! So needless to say, I am without tv (still) and I will have no access to regular cable tv until they get their shipment. What is this? The freakin twilight zone?!

It really stinks being limited on what cable providers you can have.