Wednesday, February 4, 2009

So much, So much.....

My god, have I been bad at blogging or what?!?! So much has been going on since Christmas, it's sinful...(Never thought Christmas and Sinful would EVER go together.)

Either way, it's literally been nothing but bad news since then, but hopefully we are looking up and going to have a more positive year. I always believe "bad new year=great end of the year!"

So I am now 35.4 Weeks pregnant. And this just has been a roller coaster ride in itself. Preterm labor, at 32 weeks. The whole 9. My body is just giving out finally. Too many babies in such a short period of time. I have been in so much pain, especially with my hips, it's too much to deal with sometimes. I can't really walk, especially if I have had a long day. I look like a 90 year old woman who has a severe case of arthritis. LOL! Sometimes Bill actually has to carry me along and guide me. My hips already gave out once on me, and I fell right to the floor. Thankfully I fell as I was standing up to get off the couch in the family room, right to the floor. (now I know why those kids cry like babies when they fall off the couch!) LOL! Austin's room is ready for the most part. I partially feel like a bad mom, because I did not make a new nursery for him, like I did with all the kids. That's partially because of my horrible pregnancy. However, It's still going to look really cute, and I love the set up of the room anyway.
BTW-Bill did get the big "V", so our babymaking shop is officially closed~FYI! I can now be positive and remain a size 2 for longer than 1 year! WHOO HOO!! And I can officially start going on amusement park rides, since I won't be pg this summer (the boys are so excited about that part!) LOL!

So to make my life a bit easier, we are going to be inducing him at 37 weeks (1 weeks 6 days) providing his lungs are ready for the real life. This is a bit earlier than my "Feb 27th" induction date. But it's going to be a relief to me, and my household, because I'll be able to function better without a kid attacking my body! Doing this is such a better situation. Especially because my band is affected by it, because I can't dance or really move. I'm stuck to a chair, and that's not fun!

So since my last blog, my car died. Yes, the Blue van that I love oh so much~died. RIP....The head gasket blew, and unfortunately the cost to fix it really was not worth it. We JUST put brand new tires on it, and brand new breaks, and then 2 weeks later.......Head Gasket. UGH! We had just refinanced our house in January, and we were going to use that money for the basement. Well, some of it went into the brandy new 2008 Chrysler Town and Country I just got (but can barely drive because of bedrest!) LOL! It's a pretty sweet car, (even though I was soooo not happy about getting another minivan.) But as I get to drive it more and more, I'm really lovin' it! It has many cool features. Minus the power doors, which sucks because I LOVED my power doors! It's a great option for us lazy people! LOL!

Then what else.....Oh yeah,

Bill's aunt went to the hospital, Bill's mom went to the hospital, my friend Kelly~hospital, My friend Gen hospital, My dad hospital, hmmm....who else....Me (Well, I'll be there soon) LOL! CAN EVERYONE STOP STRESSING ME OUT PLEASE!!!! I have enough to deal with!! LOL!

I do have a lick of awesome news, but I will have to hold that out for another blog~as I was sworn to secreacy, and so be it. Sorry, I am not ALREADY pregnant again! LOL! (though I know a lot of you are already jinxing me, or at least trying to attempt to!) LOL!

I DO have to pat myself on the back though! I am quite proud of myself that I can announce as of this past week, this is the first flu we've dealt with so far all winter! Otherwise my kids have all been so healthy!!! I am so happy about this. And knock on wood, no throw up to deal with at all! WHOO HOO!! Though they are still coughing, I have been feeding them herbal teas with peppermint, and mint to clear them up before that baby comes.

Gosh, February is here, where has the time gone....I guess because we've been so busy here, it's just slipped by with minimal warning. Such a shame!

Well, I guess that's really about it for now......I promise to do a better job of keeping up on my blog. LOL! For your entertainment~Here is video of Austin Moving in my belly at 35 weeks. Just wait until you hear me say Oh my God, and you should see him moving around real good!!