Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A very "Amusing" Weekend

Wow! My first real weekend without any kids. It was so strange! So what did I do?! (besides sing 2 shows?) WENT TO GREAT ADVENTURE!!! (I should only be so excited.....)

OMG, I got to ride Every roller coaster (minus Kinda Ka~cuz it was broken.) at least I did not have to hang in kiddie land all day. I got to do grown up stuff! It felt soo good and the lines were so short!! My day with my family was nice, but my experience at Great Adventure was terrible. It just shows what happens when an amusement park goes into bankruptcy. It's so sad. Well, let me just say first, how the overall appearance of the park is pretty pitiful. It looks like it has not been updated in forever, stuff has not been maintained like rides, they look like crap and the landscaping looks just plain aweful. What happened to all the littler adult rides?!? You know, the looping spaceship, the round up, music express, bumper cars, the scrambler, etc?!? It seems like they got rid of all of the little rides~and why?! Did it cost too much to keep up with the maintinence? They had some cute little stuff, but you had to pay for it.

So I would like to know, since you pay 99 bucks for a season pass, or 50 bucks for the day. How are you expected to pay 15 bucks for parking or better yet, if you want real close parking how about 25 bucks?? Especially for the season pass holders? You can buy a parking pass for another 40 bucks, (I'm sure that is NOT including preferred parking~did not ask, nor cared at this point) and the water park is another fee in itself?! To me all this money for a park lacking in thrills and abiance is not worth all the extra cost.

See, at Dorney Park, (where I hold my season passes) we pay 99 bucks for adults, our parking is included, and the waterpark is included.....end of story. This is the way it should be. They have a whole bunch of littler rides for "Family" and the ambiance is beautiful and well taken care of. There is nothing like raping your guests for the old mighty dollar. Amusement parks should only be so lucky in this time with the economy the way it is that people are even willing to "waste" the money that they do have to have a "Great Adventure experience."

Now Riddle me this Batman.......

How is it that they have a "Great Deal" with their souvinear cups. $13 and .99 cent refills?! However, you have to store the cup in a temporary locker for $1 when you are in line for 2+ hours dehydrating because of the extream heat. Hopefully you are not a diabetic, or have major health issues because then you may pass out or get dizzy, then having to leave the long line you have entered~and quite possibly not come back from your long 8 hour stay at the hospital? Then by the time you get back to your drink, it is watered down and warm...I'm sure the lockers are not refridgerated?! so $1+14 roller coasters=a souvinear cup that now cost $28.00 and that is NOT including any refills. Now, if you go on a roller coaster more than once, this price can double and triple depending on your day. So "Buyer Beware" or better yet "Kids with a limited allowance for the day BEWARE"!! It's NOT a great deal. It is actually another way for them to steal money out of your already possible hurting pocket. And a total waste.

Now when I went with my family, (my mother is Diabetic) we tried everything. We were told to leave the cup with a non rider...or else we / or they would throw away our $13.00 cup in the trash....HELLO?? We told them she was diabetic, and they did not care. (Not that the 16 year old operating the ride SHOULD care~or understand why they should care.) Now, THEY did not pay the 13 bucks for my cup, so are they going to provide me with the money to purchase a new one?!? Hahaha~NOT!!! So we went on the Scream Machine, and we tried to hide the cup beside the trash can. As soon as we got in the car, they threw it in the trash...It's not theirs to throw away first off, and second, they did it right in front of our faces!!! So when we were done, we took it out of the trash. Then we we decided to just leave it at the entrances of the rides...well we got away with that for a few of them, until Nitro. We get off the ride to retrieve our cup......GONE! They threw it right in the trash along with about 4 other peoples. So we could not get ours back now, because we could not figure out whose was whose. Now we were stuck without a drink for the rest of the day, because we were not spending $3+ for a bottle of water or soda, when we were suppose to get a "Great Deal" by buying the souvinear cup...well gee, thank goodness the water fountains are free.........or will that soon change also?! Maybe they will take them out of the park. When I asked one security guard to pass me my cup from the entrance, he said that he could get fired for handing me my cup, because it was suppose to be stored in a locker...My Goodness! You have GOT to be kidding me!!!!!!!!!!! There is nothing in the world like scaring your employees not to touch the cups~They are Kryptonite, you touch one for any reason besides throwing it in the trash...you loose your job! Wow! I really want to work there!! Dorney park has free little storage lockers on the platform to store cups and shoes and there is a door that covers the other side so the people currently riding will not have their stuff stolen.

And don't get me started on all the shoes that were left on the platform and not stored into lockers like they were suppose to, and also, I saw an operator store a girls big hobo sized purse behind his station so she could ride! Why was that not put in a locker, or the shoes for that fact?!? The rule back in the day was that "they are not responsible for lost or stolen items." So let us choose the right to leave our cups where we want to~we paid for them, and should not be forced to pay for a locker for it, or forced to throw them away!

Then what next, people are going to start getting mad and bring their own coolers in their cars and eat and drink instead of buying in the park. So what do you then think will happen?!? They will probably prohibit all outside food and drinks so that you have no choice but to buy their overly priced stuff. And they wonder why they are going Bankrupt?!? It's no suprise to me...that's for sure, they have always been grossly overpriced, and it's about time it's finally caught up to them.

So needless to say, with all the maintainence problems that day with the rides (and the day after as my sister went and she said a lot was broken down also), and the whole drink drama, we left there very frusterated, broke and thristy.........thank goodness for the WaWa down the street! (and no wonder why it's so packed during the season...) I will not be going back~and to think I ALMOST bought season passes for my family since I am at the shore all summer. I'll blow my money on the boardwalk before I will ever step foot back into Great Adventure. I feel bad for my family who purchased season passes for a park that is totally way less than par! Great Adventure should be paying people to ride at their park.

With all this drink cup issue, I can only imagine all the lawsuits they will incur because of the inability to drink while waiting in long hot lines without anything to hydrate yourself....I can't wait to see this park when that happens...bad idea on their part.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Who is fertile in my house?!

Well, something is spawning kids on my house, and it sure as heck is not me! LOL! I have birdies growing on both sides of Austin's bedroom shutters. I know they hatched because I could hear all the little babies chirping because they were so hungry, while I was mowing the grass today. Now tell me this.....Why is it that my neighbor Rob and I removed both nests, and they immediately built new ones. It's gross, (yeah, I know baby birds are cute~but not when their parents are pooping all over my stone, and shutters.) Why can't they poop on someone else's house?!? Why must we be the house of fertility?! "HEY IF YOU WANT FERTILE EGGS COME AND RUB UP AGAINST MY HOUSE!!!" We should be on the news. 4 years we have been here, and 4 years we have unwillingly grown baby birdies. 2 nests under our deck, 2 nests in our shutters, and God knows where else they are spawning on my property. Yuck! As long as it's not me, I guess I don't care all too much! Better them then me.

So I have put out my ad in search for a new band out here in the Lehigh Valley. I have gotten 5 propositions in only 2 days. Pretty good huh?! Well, yesterday I went on an autition. OMG, let me tell you how~when you are use to being well known, and not having to ever audition....to having to audition because people don't know you from a hole in the wall~It's soo nerve wracking!!! Now I know how other people feel when they audition. Scared, and alone. Wow! LOL! That's okay...I'm getting ready to make a name for myself out here now. So I will NEVER have to go to another audition again! LOL! Eh, who am I kidding. I can only hope that Pennsylvania will love me as much as Jersey has!! I already know that I will have a few followers when they can get out, so it will be nice to see some familiar faces.
Anyway, I have another audition this week coming up, and I guess I am pretty much a shoe-in if I want to join them. So that makes me feel better. This band does pretty much everything from every band I've been in~so it's a great variety! Yes, I am a rock star....but I do LOVE my motown and disco also. It's great for my vocal range, and keeps me working to build my range to be better than it is. Once you loose it, it is pretty hard to get back. So I will keep you updated with how the audition goes. They want me to start working right away, so I assume that this is where I will be.

This weekend is going to be very busy for me coming up. Friday I have the Cabin, the Saturday~I believe I am going to Great Adventure with my mom, because the private party we were suppose to do in LBI Saturday, got rescheduled for Sunday. So I will not be back home until Monday afternoon. Thankfully my dad is coming up to help Bill, because Saturday is a busy day for the men. Birthday party, Lowe's workshop, and something else that I can't remember. LOL!

I am considering taking Donovan out of Cub Scouts. Especially if I join this other band. Their schedule is so packed~all the way through 2010!! So their is really no way that I would have the time. I can barely keep up with it all now. Ugh, I don't know what to do. I feel bad leaving, but right now is not the best time for all of this. I wish their could be more days in the week, or more hours in the day~something. Ugh, I hate making decisions.

So I guess that is what is going on with me at this moment. OH YEAH! My Jingle I did for Sirius XM was aired! My friend Joe told me that it aired this past saturday! I am so excited! I can't wait to hear it for myself now! LOL!
Here you go! I am going to leave you with the Star Wars Boys! Jordan and Rowan singing the theme song! Then Rowan gives you a little bit of the alphabet!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Birthday Boys and a messy house...

Why is it when I clean and the house looks nice, all those darn kids, just destroy it. Then it looks like absolutely nothing was done. Grrr.... I don't like living in a pigsty, but come on now. This is just nuts!! LOL! They just throw things on the floor, and they don't even care. "Donovan clean your room", nothing...or he'll clean~but think he's smart, and then try to hide stuff under his bed and dressers. Bad, Bad Kid!

So on a sad part of the news, I quit my band that I love so much! It breaks my heart to have to do it...but, I must do it, because the drives home are long and boring and dangerous. In the whole 6 years I've been singing, I have no idea what it's like to actually drive a 1/2 hour or less to a show. I've always drove at least an hour. So I am moving my voice to Pennsylvania, and will be rockin' the rednecks and NY/NJ imports! Just as soon as I find a band as awesome as mine. It will be so strange to find a band that is NOT in NJ, and NOT at my usually "comfort zones of home." I don't know how I'm going to like playing to strangers, and not to my usual fans. I think I may have entered "The Singlite Zone".......DAH DAH DAAAHHHH!!! I am so nervous about this, it just about turns the food in my tummy. However, now all my PA friends can FINALLY come out to see me! So now there is no excuse for them not to come out! LOL! God I hate change.

On a Lighter note, My friend Joe has informed me that he heard my Jingle on Sirius XM Satellite Radio Saturday at 3 am! He said he screamed really loud when he heard it, so much so he could have raised the dead! LOL! (I love Joe. He's so funny!) So that means now I am in high gear listening trying to ESP my jingle out of these people for when I am listening!! LOL! I am so excited~and I really hope they call me again to do some more! I think I might have a knack for this sort of thing...LOL!

So the Boys had their birthday party this weekend.. They had such a good time. This place was awesome. www.rascalsfoodandfun.com, and it was such a hit with all the kids. 24 rsvp'd and 30 showed up. Plus about 2 parents per child, makes for a HUGE and fun par-tay! I am so happy that they had a great time. Donovan did the rock wall and climbed all the way to the top! I am so proud of him!!

The Birthday Boys

The whole crew!

So I have not heard anything today on Donovan's issue at school...What a mess. He came home today and said that the principal did not call him into the office. So I guess I will be making a phone call tomorrow. Grr...

Bill and I joined LA Fitness..I am happy because since I am starting that fitness modeling for my Sis/Bestie Renee, I will be more motivated to go and do things there! I try at home, but the motivation stinks, and I don't push myself as much. So when I see these other people who look awesome, it will make me work harder. Bill is the same way I think. He needs that extra motivation also. We are going to try to go together also. That will probably happen more on the weekend, rather the weekdays. Especially right now with our chaotic summer schedule. I am thinking of getting certified in Pilates. I love them, I swear by them, and I could totally teach the crap out of that class!!! LOL! We'll see.

So my project that is coming up?!? I am going to be turning my island in the kitchen. I don't like the chairs hitting the walls, and gashing them. So I am going to turn it. I think it will look nice, hopefully that will happen soon. Yes, I will have some screw marks on my floor, but I can fix those, and I am soo not worried about it.

what else? I guess nothing for now!! Enjoy this video of Don Vito cleaning the crap out of his brother!!! LOL! So freakin' cute!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Still a swollen nose.....

So yesterday I brought Donovan to the Dr. because he could not really breath out of his nose all too much. So she check him and said he has nasal contusions, and 2 black eyes. Now because he is so fair skinned, his black eyes are more of a pinky. Not Black and blue. Which I am happy about considering Donovan and Brayden's birthday party is tomorrow. GO BOYS!
The principal said so far there is nothing she can do in terms of correcting the situation because she still needs to get Donovan's side of the story and she is waiting for the video tape on the bus. Then she can make a decision. Well, I have a $110.00 medical bill waiting to be paid for. Donovan did tell me that he smacked the kid in the leg to defend himself. Which I guess is good, but I don't know personally how I feel about that. I am more of the "Don't hit back because then you have NO chance at all in getting in trouble~type of person." LOL! All I do know is that if my child is found completely not guilty~those kids better get in a LOAD of crap!

Here is his nose 2 days after getting punched.

Either way. So now I have to wait until Monday to get an answer on anything.

Austin is such a cutie pie!! He is now starting to talk to you when you pay attention to him. He smiles, Coo's and gurgles away telling you his life stories....(all 3 months of them!!) Click on the video to see him chatting away!

So I am going to start getting in shape now. I took pictures of myself today, and boy am I disgusted at my belly, butt and thighs. YES! I know I just gave birth 3 months ago, but I don't like the flappy skin one bit, and I want to work harder at being rid of it. My goal is August 1, 2009. 110 lbs (pre pregnancy weight), and we will see how it goes.

Right now I am currently 127 lbs. 23.2 BMI

So I have figured out my next project. The Backsplash part of my cabinets. (you know that space between the counter top, and the cabinets.) So I was going to tile that are of the kitchen like everyone else. But then decided to change my mind. I found magnetic paint, and I am going to paint the whole area with it, and switch out the plate covers. I figured it would be pretty cool because instead of using my fridge for paper storage, I would move some of it to the backsplash. So when I get the time, I am going to do that, and then I will post the before and after photos.

What do you guys think I should do?!?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A night at the Opera......

Yes.....the opera.....God I love the opera....

But the opera that I am talking about is the one from the producers of The Coral Chronicles.....It's a tale between 4.5 brothers who like to bite, hit, choke, torment, tease, and make each others lives miserable......sometimes there is love and bonding, but the majority of the time there is whining...the musical sounds that even myself as a rock star can just not listen to anymore. Fingernails on a chalkboard......."Mommy, Brayden touched me", "Mommy, Donovan kicked me", I swear sometimes I just want to change my name. Sometimes I try to ignore them~but then they just follow me around the house, crying, and whining some more until I pay attention to them. (MAKE IT STOP!!! JUST SHUT IT!!!) So I just tell them to get over it.....it will get better~I promise! LOL!

Today was one of those days, so much so that even Carrie the laundry lady said "It's amazing how you are not in the loony bin". And I told her.............I sometimes suprise myself that I am not an alcoholic...all this obsessive whining and crying could really make someone go crazy. So I have just learned to close my eyes, and take a deep breath and..................................THREATEN EVERY INCH OF THEIR LIFE IF THEY DON'T JUST SHUT THE HELL UP!!!!!!!!!!! LOL! Sometimes it works....sometimes not. Mostly not. Poor me. So right now they are all in bed, and I am sitting in the kitchen blogging my heart out in the peace and quiet known to those in the Opera as "Intermission".

I hope that made all of you guys feel better that my kids are crazy knuckleheads who drive me up a wall.

So, I pick Donovan up from the bus stop today, and he comes to my car crying with a bloody nose. He was apparently irritating his 2 friends on the bus and they each punched him in the face. Giving him a bloody nose. I am so pissed off that I went on the bus and yelled at the kids that punched him, and the bus driver admitted that those kids were misbehaving on the bus since they got on.....(must be little jailbirds in training.) I said to the one kid, "Why did you punch him in the face" He said "Because he was irritating me". I yell at the child "YOU DO NOT PUNCH SOMEONE'S CHILD IN THE FACE!" "THAT IS NOT RIGHT!" That child looked like he was going to poop in his pants by the time I got done with him, and the bus driver did not even get involved~he just let me say my peace. (or yell! LOL). Well, I immediately called the school and spoke with the principal. She was very sympathetic and mad. I told her "Yes I'm sure my son is annoying, or annoyed someone~but that does NOT justify that child AND his friend punching him in the face!" She agreed. She said the proper actions will be taken. They better be, and I will be keeping up on this. Then my friend called me and told me that apparently there are video cameras on the bus. So I hope they kept it. I hope those kids are not coming to his birthday party~Jerks!! So I will keep you updated as to what happens. Their parents better do the right thing!

Donovan 1 hour after being pummeled. Poor kid!

Pictures today?! hmmmm.....Oh, so I went shopping. Bought a Sam's club membership, because it's closer to my house then BJ's. Went to Wally World because I needed hair dye. (my roots are coming in rather fast and terrible.) I also ended up buying 2 tomato plants, corn plants, and 2 strawberry plants. I guess we are changing up the garden this year. LOL! Depending on the weather (and because of the fact I have no money left) we will probably plant them tomorrow. Whoo Hoo!

"Grow big little plants!"

So my Bestie/Sis Renee owns her own health/fitness company. www.dragonflyfitness.com, and guess what!? I am going to be a fitness model for her company (well, one of them at least!) LOL! I will participate in fitness competitions, and I will be in the Calendar she produces! What is great is the calendar benefits a charity. So it's a good thing! So now I have to start doing her core exercises off her website, and get my booty in shape in time for all this stuff. My deadline is............I'm gonna have to ask her. LOL! I am going to take weekly pictures of my body progressing and what not. But that will be on my Facebook page. Not here. Well, maybe I'll post it here also. We'll see. LOL!

Hey! You wanna see a picture of Rowan playing with his balls?! LOL!

There you go! LMAO! Silly kid!

Hopefully we will have a better day tomorrow!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What is it with these WEEKENDS!!

So yes, I had another one...LOL! But no guns were involved, I promise!!! Just my voice.....

So this past weekend was so exciting for me! Friday I was suppose to meet my friends (who I have never met before~only chatted on the phone) in NYC, for a day of fun...........and to drop off my Demo to Sirius XM Satellite Radio. Well, guess what happened!?!?! I just happened to be at the right place, at the right time, and I got to do my first Jingle for the 70's on 7 Channel. It is apparently set to air this week!! I am so excited! I obviously have to thank my friend Debby, (because she works there) and if it was not for her, I would NEVER have this opportunity!! So you can hear it on my facebook, or on my myspace demo page....www.myspace.com/rheacoral, or scroll to the bottom and push play!!
I hope that I get to do another one soon, because it was so much fun~and I think that doing what you absolutely love (for me singing and spawning children), makes it so much more fun!!

Sirius Producer Jerry R. mixing the Jingle

My Ed Hardy bag, watching over the Jingle work being done!

So while I was in NYC, I went to Soho and guess what I bought?!?!

Ed Hardy Soho, NYC

Ed Hardy W.13th Street, NYC

Yes, I took a pic of myself with my bag.....LOL

and look at this truck! AWESOME!

My BEAU-TIFUL Ed Hardy Eternal Love Purse~IN PURPLE!!!

Ugh! Talk about IN LOVE! It's huge (enough to hold diapers and bottles) and purple. On the one side are Rhinestone flowers, it's just so awesome! I am really glad that I did not go to Louis Vuitton for my Speedy 25. I really think this designer is great!!! (I can't believe I am drooling over something that is not made by LV! LOL!) There is another purse he has that I love, and the stores only had it in blue. They said it comes in purple also~so that will be my next one.....when I can find it! I went to the w.13th street one, did not like that store at all, they had low inventory on purses and sunglasses, and they literally had only 3 purses in the whole place~which was really small and hard to find. The taxi driver and I were not sure where we were because it was hard to find from the street! The inside was equally as small.

The one is Soho was Fan~tabulous!!! It was huge, and they had a slew of everything. I recommend going to that one first if you have a choice. It's located on 49 Mercer Street. I was really happy until I got back to Sirius in Manhattan, and realized they left the security tag on, and thanks to Debby, her Metro Card, (because I did not want to spend another $30 on Taxis) and 4 or 5 subway cars later~I got it exchanged (because it was also missing a zipper pull on the one side pocket.) A little bad experience, but at least I got the purse I love!

Oh yeah! Look what Tom Chiu did!

These are my Ed Hardy Lowrise Stencil Shoes. I wore them to Molly's the night I went to NYC, and he thought they were so cool! I am going to have to get this framed!! Visit his site, and hire him if you need FANTASTIC photos!!!
(He's taking our family photos June 13th and I can't WAIT!!)

Anyway, so on Friday, I ended up NOT meeting with my friends, but they came to my show that night. it was so great to see them, and meet them for the first time!

So then Saturday morning, Donovan and I were suppose to go to the Franklin Institute for Cub Scouts, and because I did not get home until 4 am that morning (and had to be in Philly by 9 am)..you guessed right! I could not get my sorry but out of bed and ended up sleeping until 12:30!!! LOL!
So I mowed the grass, did some motherly things, and then had another show Saturday night! Thankfully this show ended at 12 mindnight, so a nice early night for me.

Sunday~Mother's Day
We drive down to the shore, and go to the Tinton Falls Outlets. I've never been there since it's opened. Let me tell you~OMG! Juicy Couture outlet, Burberry, Cole Haan, Bebe, Ugh! Awesome, awesome, awesome!! I will be going back to the Bebe outlet there. Their clothes were really nice!
Then we go to CB Huntington and had dinner with the in law, and my parents all 500 of my kids and Patty Smith~her Granddaughter and her mom. It was really nice company. We ate, let the kids play games, then we trucked on down to the boardwalk. The kids got to ride the rides, and I have been dying for a great Gyro. But since Mr. T's gyro shop is gone now, none compare......*sigh* I want to try that gyro shop on route 37. Anyone been there yet!?

Then we went back home....Long weekend Part 2! But it was very successful for me, and very rewarding! I am literally on top of the world!
(Oh yeah~did I mention that Carrie the Laundry Lady came back this week from her week long vacation?!?!) LOL! I feel bad to all the laundry she came back to~I bet she won't go away for that long ever again!!! Muahahaha!!! LOL! We missed her very much! She is very loved here!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

The longest weekend EVER!!!

No, not really....it just kind of seemed that way! LOL! Maybe from the sleep (lack there of) I got....hmmm....

Let's see. It started on Friday, I had a show in Woodbridge, NJ, and did not get home until 3:30 am (Thanks to my sis Jacqui for talking to me until I got home safely!) Then I had to be up by 7 am to get Jacqui and we went to the Poconos to do our Range Officer Certification! (That's right there ladies and Gents....) we are certified for Archery, guns and slingshot. Now a lot of you that know me, know that I am totally scared of guns. I don't like them AT ALL! However, after this training I actually DO feel more comfortable around them. Do I want one?! Maybe like a pistol~not a rifle. Do I want one in my house?!? ABSOLUTELY NOT! They scare me to death, knowing there is one in the house (especially with 500 little ones who are curious and think guns are cool around.....so that will never happen. Jacqui and I are looking to join a gun club around here so we can keep up on our shooting skills, and keep the guns there, and out of the house! Will I shoot a Bambi eventually?!!? Let's just say~I'll never say never...And thankfully~they have Archery ranges also....which I need~because I sucked at Archery...Jacqui kicked booty!

My Arrows! Terrible, I know!

Me prepping the Bow and Arrow

Me shooting a .22 Caliber Rifle

My Score~8 points! Pretty good huh?!

So then after my wonderful 4 hour training (on 3.5 hours sleep), I decided to call the hunk on my way home to ask him if he was interested in taking the kids to.......

Stupid idea huh?! Maybe not to you!
We needed our Season Passes...

But to the woman who is on 3.5 hours of sleep, and who had just downed a Whopper with medium fries, and medium drink~THEN decides that since she's missed out on all the fun rides for a number of years due to a constant condition called "Pregnancy", is going to ride everything she can~take a WILD guess as to what happened?!?

Let's just say that......I dunno why every ride has to spin, and spin super fast at that....I guess when you are REALLY sleep deprived, and working on about 15,000 bad calories (my only food source due to the fact I woke up late and did not get any breakfast)~the food really tries to work it's way back the way it came! NO! I did not throw up, (Thank the good Lord,) but I was sooo sick to my stomach that The Hunk made me stop at Wendy's to get a Frosty to settle my stomach. Oh yeah, and I forgot to add that my vision was all screwed up from all the spinning as well. God, I don't think I will ever do that again!

So we get home, feed the kids, get them to bed, and I CRASH! LOL! I don't really remember what happened, so I must have been really, really tired! LOL!

Then Sunday comes...I was going to go to Cabela's to scope out the camping stuff for camp in July~and also to check out pistols and rifles to see what the cost is on stuff like that. But it was raining, and I was still really tired, and unmotivated...so I stayed home and chilled out. UGH! And I might add, I still am feeling pretty nauseated. I hope this part ends soon!

So goes the chalkboard that was suppose to be done...oh well~maybe sometime this week....