Thursday, July 30, 2009

Butt Kickin' Booties and the lack of good Chinese Buffets.

Today was a day from hell....let me tell you! It was not really one of those "Good" Days.

I understand the Coral knuckleheads are young....and kids will be kids, but today was one of those days where I wanted to rip my hair out.....or just run away.

We went shopping with Carrie so we can grab the last of the stuff we need for our Crazy Disney vacation. Before we went in the first store I said to the "Okay guys, let's show Carrie how good we behave in the stores!" (famous last words...)

Well, let's just say that everything they know they are NOT suppose to do in the stores.....they did! From running around and horse playing, to hiding in the racks and touching everything that man created. Between Rowan screaming the whole time in the Christmas Tree Shop because he was woken from his nap, to Rowan screaming in Marshall's because he was still not happy and getting his way, and Brayden whining and fighting with his brothers, to Donovan initiating everything, I wanted to hang them all by their toenails and give them Chinese water tourture until one of them understood that I have had enough.

Now explain to me this.....why on earth is Pennsylvania the only place that has the worst chinese buffets in the world?!? Now everyone who knows me (Gen) knows that when I come to NJ I HAVE to go to the Chinese Buffet, because I can not for the life of me get a decent fix here. The food is so terrible, dry and greasy. So much so, that I get belly aches, and I feel so sick afterward. So we went to one in Whitehall, and the food was so terrible (which I expected). It was cold, and they did not replenish anything. The crab legs were tiny and not good, and the butter that I had gotten to dip them in I saw had a gnat floating in it....let's just say that I immediately lost my appetite. So then I wanted an ice cream. I go to the self serve station and went to grab the ice cream scoop, when I saw that they had it stored in a glass, for God knows how long, with stagnet water and residue from all the other people that have used it that day, I totally lost whatever appetite I had left. No way on earth was I going to use it, it was so gross. So I ended up using a regular spoon to scoop out 5 cups worth of ice cream for the kids. I will never go to that place again. Just terrible.

So then we came home....Bill put the kids to bed, and I was soo irritated, that I went out and washed my car.....yes I did....1:00 in the morning. It was really relaxing believe it or not. I did not have to listen to ANY kids, and the only thing I heard was running water......

Calgon....Take me away.......

Monday, July 27, 2009

Should I feel soo bad and guilty?!?

I've made the executive decision to leave our youngest Coral, to stay with his Godmother and Pop-Pop, instead of bringing him with us on our Florida vacation....should I be feeling as guilty as I do? I know he has no idea what's going on, so it's not like he's going to miss it, but I feel bad because he is not going to be participating in the things we are doing.

I mean, it's going to be so much easier leaving him with Gen and pop-pop, especially when it comes time to ride the rides, I'll be thanking myself for my decision, but it's the rest of the family time that we will be spending together, that he will not be there.......I feel so bad...

Ho Hum....

The hunk says that I should not feel bad because we will go again in a few years when he's older, so he can have the experience also....but I dunno....I still feel bad...he's soo little! LOL! I guess I'll just miss his little smile for the time we are gone~I know he is going to be in good hands, but it's just the fact that I've never left any of my kids somewhere for that amount of time.....

Well, my parents took Donovan and Brayden for a week once, but they were only 2 hours away from home, not over 1,000 miles away...and they were older. I guess it's good he's the age he is, so then I know he's not gonna be very mobile. LOL, he barely rolls over at this point, he's just starting to, but it's not like he's crawling yet. So he's really easy to take care of! LOL!

I can't believe we are leaving so soon, this trip is coming up closer and closer, time is just flying by! Then like 2 days after we get home, the kids start their first day of school! I am so excited for Brayden to start Kindergarden. He wants to ride that school bus so bad it's painful for him! LOL!!!! But having 2 out of the 5 kids in school is going to be awesome!

I don't think that I mentioned Jordan misses the cut off for Kindergarden next year, so he will be another year at home. So I am keeping him home this year, then next he'll be in preschool, then the next he'll be in Kindergarden. Rowan will be in the same situation. Because they are Sept, and October babies, so they miss it. Grr.....Oh well. It's gonna be strange when they are all in school full time....then what do I do?!? Free time?!? What's that?!? LOL!!!

Heck, when Austin is potty trained, I am not going to know what to do with myself. So far, I have been changing diapers for 7 straight years. LOL! I don't know WHAT it's like to not wipe a booty! The day they all go on the pot is going to be the strangest day for me....LOL!!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I know, I know

It's been a week since I updated again...or something like that! LOL! I've been so busy, ugh....when school starts I'll have more time!

So I finished the Chiminea, and it's GEORGOUS!!! (if I do say so myself!) Looks brandy new, and the boys had such a great time with it! Here is the finished product!
Looks good, Huh?!? I am so proud of myself! Now, I have to find one for my friends because they want one! LOL! I told them I'd refinish it for them, so if anyone comes across a metal one, (not the clay ones) Please let me know! Thanks!!

So........I waxed my armpits....or I should say Armpit...(after this experience, I was too traumatized to do the other one!) the day before GWO (girls weekend out). And I guess I did not pull the skin taught enough, and OMG hurt like a mother!! LOL! I had a pretty red and raw area in my armpit because of this, and lemme tell you~I'm gonna designate a friend to hold my skin beware!!!!! LOL!!!! I'm soo into waxing, and since I have a somewhat mild case of OCD, I'm suprised that I and my family are not all completely hairless! LOL!! My new answer to everything is....."that's okay, we can just wax it off!" LOL! I'm trying to convince the Hunk to let me do his far I think it's a no go~Grrr....

So we are on 26 days until Disney, we just ordered our tickets and should be getting them soon! I am soo excited for the kids! And I can't wait until we see this house in person that we are going to be staying in! Ugh, it's gonna be soo nice!!

I have not yet decided on what I am doing with the shoutters, however, I can tell you this much....them little S.O.B's now moved their nest to my dining room shutters! OMG DOES IT EVER FREAKING STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate birds, I think I now hate birds more than I hate freaking Liver......or a good stomache pumping...AND GUESS WHAT!?!?! They grew MORE babies on my back deck!!!!!!!!!! AAAHHHH! Okay, so here are the new babies (second batch this summer) LOL!
Awwww so cute under my deck.....NOT!!! (you only think it's cute because they are not under YOUR deck! LOL!)
Aww, the flash woke them now they are noisy! GGRREATTT!!!

And the house with NO shutters on the stone. I think it does not look that bad. And now we are pretty much bird free (minus the deck) so it's not soo bad! I will deal with it, and I like it actually! If anyone comes across birdhouses relatively inexpensive I would like to purchase some, I need to give them another option besides my house to spawn in! LOL!

This past weekend, I went to GWO (girls weekend out) and got smashed, and that's all you guys need to know, but here is a great picture for you all to laugh at!
I was stupid drunk, LMAO! But a great picture of me for all of you guys to laugh at, for the end of this blog!
XOXO, Thanks for reading!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

It did not rain....

So I decided that I was going to prime the Chiminea! I am so happy that I got to do it! Here is what it looks like primed!
Now I can't wait to paint it....the whole thing is that it is spray paint...which I am not a big fan of, and I am considering buying the pain instead. I worry about the overspray, and I don't want to fume up the ozone anymore than it already is...Ugh, I can't make up my mind. I think I am a better painter than spray painter! LOL! So this is in the primed state right now, until I decide what I am going to do with it.

As you can tell, I changed the header...yes the picture is not that great, but I am in love with it anyway~everytime I see a family picture like this of us, I am just in amazement that all these kids belong to me, and that I am so blessed and lucky! So that's why I posted it up~until a clearer one comes along.

I took down my shutters yesterday, because just like the Coral family, we have birds that like to breed on our house. Yes, ON our house. They have built 3 nests behind my shutters on the stone...and on top of the nests, they are pooping EVERYWHERE!! My porch, walkway, trees and all on the shutters, shingles, and stone! It is so gross! So I took down the shutters that border Austins room, and I am going to take down the other set that border the dining room until I can figure out what the heck I am going to do with all this crap! Literally!

I am thinking about buying up the 4.99 birdhouses at the christmas tree shop, and attaching them to the posts on the fence. Just to get them out of my deck and shutters. I really am tired of birds! So this is what my house looks like after I removed the 2nd floor shutters, (and I believe you can see the one nest that did not fall off yet.

Do you guys think it looks bad without the shutters?!? I'm gonna take the lower set off also, so there will be no shutters on the stone at all.....gimme your thoughts!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Boys will be boys.....

I guess it's going to be one of those posts! LOL! mean......Logan, was raiding his bike yesterday, and ran right into the curb....I saw it with my own eyes and it looked like it HURT like a mother! Well, it must have because now for this second day the poor kid is still having trouble walking! LOL! Ugh, and as a parent, I look at it, and it makes my skin crawl! Gross! I feel so bad for him! LOL! Here you go! The damage!
Looks pretty bad huh!? I think this is honestly the only time he's had such a boo boo! Usually he's wearing knee pads or something, but not this time! LOL!! Oh well! It's gonna heal.

So I am starting a new project! Anyone who is friends with me on facebook and reads this blog will know who this did belong to! LOL! You can admit it's yours if you want to, otherwise, I'll just stay mum....

Anyway, so I did, YES I ACTUALLY TRASH PICKED SOMETHING!!! LOL!! But I saw it as I was coming home, and I have been DYING for one of these, but have a hard time paying over 100 bucks for something that I know would rust this, I asked my friend what was wrong with it and he said nothing~just that it was really really rusty. I asked him if I could have it and so he put it aside for me. I got it home and so far all I've done with it is wire sanded it, and got all the loose rust off of it. And it ALREADY looks really good! I bought the Rust-oleum primer that I have to do next, and then I bought the Rust-oleum high heat spraypaint in Black. It's going to look sweet, and it only cost me like 20 bucks for the stuff I needed! So I can't wait to see what it's gonna look like when it's painted! I am happy that I have another project to deal with! Whoo Hoo!
Before the Wire sanding.....

After the wire brushing....
So I was going to do the primer today, but it looks like it's going to rain.....maybe I'll do it when Rowan goes for a nap. I really want to get this done. But for now, it's good. I want to buy a cover for it, so that it does not get any more rusty. Okay, wish me luck!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Kids and Kuteness

Yes, I know I spelled cuteness wrong...LOL!

This morning, I woke up to the greatist wake up that any mom could! Rowan came out of his room and I woke up to him in my bed, under my covers on my pillow, kissing me and saying "I love you free" (three~for those who don't understand kid~lingo). I was like AWWWWW, how sweet~and he just kept kissing me! I felt so LOVED this morning!!! Which is nice, because how many times do they actually do that in the morning?!? I'm not sure, but I will be enjoying every minute of it until they don't want to do it anymore.

Jordan also, he's been so sensative the past few weeks, hugging me all the time and kissing me all the time....he's just such a love munch! I remember before when he would not kiss or hug you worth anything. You had to force it's all he wants to do. God, I love that also!!

Can you believe that the kids slept until 9:15 this morning?? How awesome is that?!?! I had to make sure they were still breathing, because it's unusual for them to do that! LOL! So that obviously ment I did not get out of my bed until 8:45 because I had a love bug in my bed! LOL!

Austin now weighs 14 pounds! He's such a little piggy! He is now eating cereal, and can roll from from his belly to his back, and now he is starting to play with his toys to entertain himself.....Gosh, it's such a great feeling that he's progressing.....but it's so sad, knowing that he is the last of the Coral's. They grow up so fast, and it's so depressing. LOL!! I can't wait however, until they are all out of diapers....I don't know what it's like to never have to change diapers. I've been constantly changing them for 7 years. LOL!! And it will be strange to not have baby stuff in the house, like cribs, and pack and plays,'s the life that I've known for such a long time....and the change, I know will be for the better, but I don't know what it's like.....since I've constantly had a baby in the house. Wow, it's going to be so strange........Align Center

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My name is Logan

LOL, I think it's so funny~this morning Donovan (the oldest) told me that he changed his name to Logan, and wants to be called that from now on. So I am playing the game.....LOL! I just called out "hey Logan" and he looked up and said "What". So I guess that is what he wants. LOL! Like I said to my Facebook friends, at least he did not want me to call him Giovanna, or some female name...but even if he did~I'd be fine with it! LOL!
That's okay, I changed my name to the Queen and they all have to call me that from now on, so I guess it's only fair! LOL!

So the boys want to go camping, so yesterday I put up our little tent, and we are going to sleep in it this weekend.....I can't wait to see how long they last out there! LOL! This should be pretty comical! LOL! I am debating on letting them sleep out there by themselves and just sleeping on the couch downstairs, or sleeping out there with, will see how I am feeling at that time! LOL!

So there are only 39 Days left until we go to Disney!!! Man, I can't believe how the time just flies by so fast!!! Carrie and I have been buying up the Dollar Store's stuff for the trip. LOL! I've bought the little personal fans for them, squirt bottles to spray the kids with, you know all the things we will need because of the long know I am a little Jealous that Carrie is flying and getting there in 2 hours. LOL! I would have loved to take all the kids on a plane and be there in no time vs. driving there and taking 15 hours and listening to kids complaining. LOL! Oh well, maybe next time! We are loading them up on video games, movies, and snacks just to shut them up! LOL!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Are they all yours, and anxiety that comes with kids

This is the question that we frequently get asked....and I have to laugh...I guess because I am so use to it now, it really does not phase me all too much. But I have to say that being a mom of 5 boys under 7 is pretty funny when we go out.

Take the other day for example....we went out to Sam's Club to do some shopping, and because my dad was here for 2 days to help us out, we took the kids to the Home Depot workshop, then went to Sam's to grab a few things.....we had 3 of them...they were behaving pretty good considering~Oh wait! They were running around looking for all the free samples! LOL! So all the people would start laughing everytime they had seen a cart! They would say "Come on guys look! Free Samples!" LOL! It was so cute, and the people would get a kick out of them...then anytime we'd mention that we had 2 more at home, we would get the priceless look (you know the one, where their mouth drops to the floor....then when we say that those ones are boys also, their eyes pop out of their sockets to match! LOL)

Okay.................I have to stop this story real quick and ask......


This is the 2nd time now that he's straddled him and tried to ride him like a pony....LOL! What is the infatuation with this?! It's driving me nutty! Grrr.....

Anyway, where was I......Oh yeah.....

Then we get the next question of "Were you trying for a girl" I tell them nope! We were in fact not even trying for the last 3! LOL! God just thought that we should be lucky enough to be surrounded by all these handsome boys! LOL! Then they say....."I don't know how you do it, but I give you a lot of credit!" LOL! I just laugh, because I give us a lot of credit also! I see people with 1-4 kids who can barely hold the fort. So I guess because since our kids are pretty well behaved in public, it makes me look like a good mom! LOL!

I do have to say though, I believe that my strictness with them is a result of them behaving well in public. I can take these kids shopping all day (yes, all 5 of them), and all I need to to is feed them, and they are good to go! I do not let them run around and cause rukus in the stores. They know it's unacceptable behaviour, and that they will get a time out in the store, or they will get no TV, or Video games.

I have to admit now......

I have been on a constant anxitey attack the past week....Let me just give you a little background here...I am a hypochondriac LOL! in the past month I have been to the dr. 4 times (Bill counted). LOL! Anyway, I guess with all these actors dying all of a sudden out of the blue, then that whole thing with with North Korea threatining to "Wipe us off the Map", and Swine flu....there would be no reason why I would not be so filled with constant anxitey...

I know as a parent, that we all worry for our own health, and the health of our families and especially our kids....they are so innocent and it's terrible for anything to happen to them....I noticed that I started the anxiety after I had Jordan and with each kid after him it gets worse! (I think it's because I now have 5 lives to worry about) I constantly worry to the point where it's hard to eat, or have a good time really doing anything, because I worry about someone getting hurt, dying or getting sick....

(No, I am not depressed......I just worry a lot****just to clarify for those who like to talk about me behind my back*****I don't need anymore rumors in the neighborhood thinking I have a depression problem now.)

I can only feel and know that I am so lucky that God has blessed me with 5 healthy and beautiful boys, and I want to know why I am so lucky! Like why is the Duggar family so lucky with health? 18 kids and all of them are just fine. Or Even John and Kate....okay, well, their marriage is over, but they have all healthy kids. I know I should be very happy and carefree, but on the contrary~I am a constant worrying mess.....

I know that I should be thankful, and not worry about everything so much to the extream, but I always see to live by the theory "Think of the worst, and hope for the best". Maybe I am a little too much on the "think of the worst" part. LOL! I am the first to admit that when someone has something, or I notice something maybe I have not noticed before, I am the first to research it online, and make my self absolutely crazy and sick over it, I look for every symptom possible... It's a terrible feeling in which I have no control over...I don't really like taking drugs, so I am trying to find a natural way to be rid of this constant anxiety attack. It's already going on a week now, and it's driving me crazy! I have to start going to the gym again, because I felt my best when I was going there.

Oh well, what are you going to do?! Just Breathe..........................Yoga Style!

Wow, it's been a while

I can't believe that I have not blogged in like 2+ weeks! Well, I won't bore you with all the details of those 2+ weeks, but maybe we will give a brief snyopsys. LOL!

I am FINALLY down to 118 pounds! I can't believe that I am 4 months post partum, and already only 8 pounds away from my goal! This is AMAZING!! Though I have not been to the gym in like over 2 weeks (they are probably wondering if everything is okay~since I was going so much). but with the new band, and our regular schedule, It's just chaos, and I have not had the time.

That will change this week, because I got to start going again.

Anyway. So we had our friend's son for the week one week, and he was so awesome. Not the behaviour I expected from him, but it was great having him with us for the week. We took him to Dorney with the other kids, and they were so well behaved it was sick! I could TOTALLY do 6 kids! It was cake! LOL!!! He is always welcome here, and the kids can't wait to have him back!
So that was 1 week....LOL

Week 2 was just a mess of everything from band, we FINALLY got a great guitar player this week, so now the band is complete, and we are going to be really great! I can't wait until we get all the harmonies down. It's going to be awesome!

I dropped by the shore this past week to suprise my friends....(and they were really suprised!) So it was nice! You should have seen their faces! They made me sing a song, which I was against doing....LOL! Cuz I am shy when I sing karaoke! LOL!
Then I also took the kids with my mom to the boardwalk for some fun! I love going there...the smells, and the sights. However, I don't miss the Bennys, and all the stupid traffic that comes with it! LOL! Anyway...the kids had fun, and trying to pack up everything was a chore. LOL. You know, when you have 5 kids, you can't just pick up and go like when you have 1 or 2. LOL, you have to bring everything and the kitchen sink! LOL!
Bottles, check, diapers, check, toys, check, 600 pair of clothes to change in, check...check, check! LOL! Ugh, thank god I have a big enough car! LOL!

Disney is getting closer and closer, and I am getting so excited for the kids! They are going to have such a great time! Carrie is really excited also! Bill...........well, I don't know how he's feeling about all of this! LOL! Eh, we'll get out one night~and we've decided to extend our stay an extra day, so it will be good! We are going to have a party/BBQ, and invite our friends and their kids. It's going to be so much fun!

Alright, I am going to start a new blog....LOL! This one was just to update you a bit...