Sunday, August 31, 2008

12 Down Syndrom Screening!

the Down Syndrome test went perfect. We have a perfect nasal bone, perfect fluid behind the neck (1 mm) And Perfect everything! The baby had the hiccupps the whole time LOL! So cute! I am so happy!

So the original scan was only like 20 minutes, however, the girl's manager came in, and said he was so excited to see my u/s pictures because the baby was photographing so perfectly,because of my size, and he asked me if he could do my u/s because he said that it's rare that people u/s so nicely! LOL! So I got to see my baby for another 20-25 minutes! It was so great!! Then he even gave me the u/s in 3D!!!! I was so excited, I've never had one before!!!

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