Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Quick Coral Review....

So, there is sooo much to catch up on. But pretty much all of you know how the birth went and all that fun jazz. So I won't bore you with those details. Pretty much, he came out by himself, and he's fantastic! His 3 week appointment he was 8 lbs 7 oz. LOL! Almost Brayden's weight at birth!

So, I have been super spoiled by hubby. He hired someone to do my laundry, which has been a blessing! And what's funny is before we got her, my dining room was always cluttered with laundry....which all of you know about for the most part. Well, now it's spotless clean, and now I feel more happy and motivated to maintain the house to be nicer. But what is funnier, is the fact that now we need more dressers, because we have SO MUCH stuff, we don't have room for it all. We literally went from, we have nothing~socks, etc...to....we have too MUCH! LOL! I can't remember the last time all this laundry was caught up with. But I have to tell you, it's really nice to have it finally caught up! (she also watches the kids if I have to step out when she's here~and they absolutely LOVE her, because she is so great with them!)

We also found a babysitter/nanny besides my father! That's right! We have actually learned to trust someone else besides my father to watch the kids....and she's great! She is going to school for Early Childhood Development, and she is fantastic with the kids. And what is even better is that she's willing to spend days with us to Dorney Park, and travel with us to the shore when we go for our long weekend, so that we are not completely confined to a space with the kids! I am very excited about the summer this year, because it's going to be so much easier for us.....and we can have some more "us" time also. We barely go out together, but this is going to help us out a lot!

The kids are great! I took Donovan out of Catholic School (best move I've made), and enrolled him in public school! He is so happy there, and he says it's because of a less stressful environment. His teacher does not yell at the class, and he said she is really nice. She even sent a quick note to say how well he has adjusted to the new classroom. I am glad that he is happier there....that's all that matters.

Brayden is great also! He loves preschool, and can't wait for kindergarten. Jordan is getting screwed out of preschool this year, so we are holding off on him for next year. Rowan is getting huge, and he's starting to say more words.

This time I am really going to catch up on my blogging....It's just been really hard for me to adjust to 5 kids and to get into a routine. But now that I have my laundry lady, and my house in more in order, it will be a lot easier for me to keep up now.

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