Wednesday, August 12, 2009


My God! Any other night these kids are pretty good with going to bed. They all go down at 8 p.m. even the baby. Sometimes we get those nights where 1 child will forget to "tell" us something, and they come in our room like 4 times before we have to get nasty with them.

But tonight is a worse night, these children will not go to sleep for the life of them. They are constantly playing and laughing and hitting each other. I've told them at least 10 times now to go to bed or they will be seperated. (The whole summer they have had sleepovers in each others rooms.) So now guess what?!? They are being seperated for tonight.

Today was one of those days. I bought a new mop because my floors need cleaning major. They broke it. I took them to the mall so I could do a few things, they did not listen. It's such an aggervating day today, and I JUST WANT THEM TO GO THE FRIG TO BED ALREADY!!! GRRR...

You would think that they would behave like this on a full moon, which It's not. Maybe they are just getting excited for Disney which is now only 3 days away, either way, I can not deal, and they need to go to bed. I look forward to my evenings with the Hunk, and it aggervates me today, that I have to deal with this worse case of silliness.

Someone please give me a beer!

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