Wednesday, November 4, 2009

What's wrong with your phone today?!?

So everyone knows I got the new Iphone 3GS......which I absolutely LOVE BTW!! However, the only reason that I got it was because I was singing in Northeast P.A. where I was not getting a Cell reception. Well, now that I am not singing up there anymore, there really is no reason for me to continue with the AT&T service. Might I add that my cell phone plan was $173.64 every month.

Also, you guys might remember that I recently Jailbroke my Iphone because of the fact that I love the cute themes (I love to be different), and I don't like being exactly held to what anyone wants me to do. So I was in the jailbreaking section of my Iphone program, and I noticed something that said "Sn0w". Then it said, "To unlock your phone to use other carriers..." OMG REALLY?!? Can it be THIS easy?!?! So I click on it, and all of a sudden it says that my iphone is unlocked!! Get outta here!!! So I grab Carrie's sim card for her cell phone, to see if it worked. And S.O.B. if it did not work!! So I then I found my old Sim Card for T-Mobile~for when I had the G1, and popped it in there and Holy Cow!! IT WORKED!!

So let me explain.....We had my old line still active because they were going to charge us $200 to cancel the line. So we but it to basic, and we were just paying $10 a month on it. So what I did was, Ported my phone number from AT&T to T-Mobile, so I can keep my AT&T number (which I love~yet again) and had them add the data plan $35.00 a month with unlimited texting and picture messaging.. They were happy to keep my business, and they said that they supported the Iphones. So how great is this??

I am still waiting for my number to port over, so for those who are calling me today, It is going to say my number is not in service. Hopefully by tomorrow I will be back and running. I am currently using my old T-Mobile number, but not giving it out because it will soon be history. I am so happy that I could jump up and down like an idiot!

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