Thursday, April 23, 2009

Phew...Finally, a project and a suprise!

So since I have gotten my new car with the manufacture installed DVD entertainment system, and the nice headphones with the squishy earpieces............they have since broken......the squishy earpieces at least. They look like they have been attacked by a vicious dog! That dog would be Rowan.....the "I have to taste everything" 1 year old! So for about 2 months now, the kids have been crying because one would end up wearing the broken headphone minus 1 squishy ear piece. (It's actually comical watching the kids bolt into the car so they would get the good pair, and the other 2 would have to suffer with the broken ones. I have to say they did get into the car a lot quicker that way! LOL!) Either way....I was sick and tired of them crying and complaining. So I did this!

All I did was bought felt from Wal-Mart for 0.39 each, and glued those bad boys on there. I let them dry overnight, and then I trimmed them to fit! And let me tell you, the boys say they are comfy to wear, and they were cheap and easy to do! Instead of buying the replacements for god knows how much, try this instead!

This is the Face of the Proud toothless Coral, Donovan! He lost that tooth that belongs to the big one first the other day, and then today he lost the big one! Go Buddy! Now he has a big tooth growing in, but it's literally the size of the hole in his face right I am wondering how the 2nd tooth he lost is going to grow in also, because there is no room right now for a second tooth........Do I smell braces in the future?!?!

Oh well! I am doing another project in Brayden and Jordan's room. So I can't wait to share it with you guys! And the boys are excited to have it! It's a CHALKBOARD!!

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