Saturday, April 18, 2009

Another one bites the dust.....

As I sit here looking outside my open bedroom window at all the kids and parents playing in the beautiful 70 degree weather, I curse all the damn children in the world who pass on Strep throat to others......

LIKE ME!!! Thanks to the kids who passed it to Donovan, who then passed it to Brayden, who then passed it to me.....

I am NOT enjoying the feeling of swallowing razorblades, pencil in the ear stabbing pain, headaches that make you see double, and swollen lymph nodes that hurt so bad you swore Andrew Zimmern ripped them out of you so he could taste them....On top of that! The sweating! (however I will attribute my newfound 129 lb body to all this loss of whose complaining about that!?!?) So I got my sick butt over to the urgent care walk in clinic and found out that strep is the culprit.....Lucky me.

I have to say that since I have had my tonsils removed, over 10 years ago, that I have not once had strep. So I think I did pretty good.

So Bill has had to take one the household duties....Clean, change diapers, distribute medication, etc...etc... But as if me being sick was not enough for him.....Donovan comes home from the Pack meeting puking his guts up all over the house. EWWW!! So Bill cleaned up the chunks and me, in my unstable dizziness steam cleaned the rug.

I have to say though~I have a lot of thanks.....Thanks to the Hunk, for maintaining the house and kids, and letting me rest and buying all the medication! You do such a great job!

Thanks to my Sissa Jacqui~who is not afraid of the strep quariteined house~to bring me her home made soup (the only thing I've eaten in 2 days), And her *Ancient* Chinese sore throat molassas mix of stuff~yummy! (I think she said ancient...LOL!) XOXOXO!! Jacqui is so good to me! I can't wait until it's my turn to help her out for everything she has done for me and my family~her and her family are certainly an extension of us!

Thanks to my Deb Deb~for the interesting and funny late night texts', and for always checkin' up on me! XOXOXO!!!!!!!! (since Deb had this virus first, and we were texting each other, do you really think it's possible she could have sent me the virus?? LOL!)

So, moving on.....

Remember I was telling you all that we are getting a brand new elementary school?? Well, not only am I a member of the PTA, but I am also an officer! I am the Recording secretary! LOL!! I figured that since the Coral bunch will have about 500 kids coming through the system, I might as well be proactive, and participate. Hell, you can't complain about the system if you don't participate? Right?? And since this is a brandy new school, we are makin' all the rules FIRST! It's gonna be good, and I can't wait!

Oh well. That's it for now.......xoxo!

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