Thursday, April 30, 2009

Blah, blah, blah....

Well, the past few days have been extremely busy here in the big blue house...We got a trampoline, I rearranged Brayden and Jordans' room, ugh...and with my daily children chaos...well, you know how it is....

The trampoline is a hit...we've already had a scratched arm, a lost tooth, (yes, I am serious), fighting, and kids smacking each personally I think it's a GREAT investment. I just love hearing whining all day, and crying because someone got hurt....and's not even the summer yet!

Speaking of whining.....

Why do children think the more that the whine that they will get things. Granted, I am a sucker for my boys, but everyone knows how much I am strict with them. Brayden is now at that age where he just whines alllll day...every time I turn around he's whining...Waa, I want this, Waa, I want that.. Then he throws altimatiums at me..Well, if you get me this, I'll stop crying. WTF?!?! I dunno, I just hope it stops soon. LOL!

What else?

I am debating on my trip to NY with tthis whole swine thing going on. Ed Hardy' purple purse is awaiting my arrival on the 8th, along with my privte Sirius Satellite Radio tour (xoxo Deb)...and my night out with my powermommas. But I don't really want to contract anything to bring back home to the kids. I know that it could be anywhere, but Biden pretty much advised staying from confined spaces (ie. busses or trains/subways), and since I'd never drive into the city, those are really my options. I dont kow what I am going to do...I am still undecided.

Saturday Jacqui and I are going for our shooting training for camp. I am really excited because secretly I have always been afraid of guns and Bows and arrows, and things like that, and I think that this training will make me feel a bit better about it. Then Jacqui and I will go like once a month to a shooting range and keep up with our new learned ability. How fun! We are also going to start rock climbing and other cool things. It's great for us to be getting so active.

So with all that...I am hoping to eventually get this sill chalkboard done at some point this weekend....I promise, it will be soon!

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