Sunday, May 3, 2009

The longest weekend EVER!!!

No, not just kind of seemed that way! LOL! Maybe from the sleep (lack there of) I got....hmmm....

Let's see. It started on Friday, I had a show in Woodbridge, NJ, and did not get home until 3:30 am (Thanks to my sis Jacqui for talking to me until I got home safely!) Then I had to be up by 7 am to get Jacqui and we went to the Poconos to do our Range Officer Certification! (That's right there ladies and Gents....) we are certified for Archery, guns and slingshot. Now a lot of you that know me, know that I am totally scared of guns. I don't like them AT ALL! However, after this training I actually DO feel more comfortable around them. Do I want one?! Maybe like a pistol~not a rifle. Do I want one in my house?!? ABSOLUTELY NOT! They scare me to death, knowing there is one in the house (especially with 500 little ones who are curious and think guns are cool that will never happen. Jacqui and I are looking to join a gun club around here so we can keep up on our shooting skills, and keep the guns there, and out of the house! Will I shoot a Bambi eventually?!!? Let's just say~I'll never say never...And thankfully~they have Archery ranges also....which I need~because I sucked at Archery...Jacqui kicked booty!

My Arrows! Terrible, I know!

Me prepping the Bow and Arrow

Me shooting a .22 Caliber Rifle

My Score~8 points! Pretty good huh?!

So then after my wonderful 4 hour training (on 3.5 hours sleep), I decided to call the hunk on my way home to ask him if he was interested in taking the kids to.......

Stupid idea huh?! Maybe not to you!
We needed our Season Passes...

But to the woman who is on 3.5 hours of sleep, and who had just downed a Whopper with medium fries, and medium drink~THEN decides that since she's missed out on all the fun rides for a number of years due to a constant condition called "Pregnancy", is going to ride everything she can~take a WILD guess as to what happened?!?

Let's just say that......I dunno why every ride has to spin, and spin super fast at that....I guess when you are REALLY sleep deprived, and working on about 15,000 bad calories (my only food source due to the fact I woke up late and did not get any breakfast)~the food really tries to work it's way back the way it came! NO! I did not throw up, (Thank the good Lord,) but I was sooo sick to my stomach that The Hunk made me stop at Wendy's to get a Frosty to settle my stomach. Oh yeah, and I forgot to add that my vision was all screwed up from all the spinning as well. God, I don't think I will ever do that again!

So we get home, feed the kids, get them to bed, and I CRASH! LOL! I don't really remember what happened, so I must have been really, really tired! LOL!

Then Sunday comes...I was going to go to Cabela's to scope out the camping stuff for camp in July~and also to check out pistols and rifles to see what the cost is on stuff like that. But it was raining, and I was still really tired, and I stayed home and chilled out. UGH! And I might add, I still am feeling pretty nauseated. I hope this part ends soon!

So goes the chalkboard that was suppose to be done...oh well~maybe sometime this week....

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