Tuesday, June 16, 2009

If you though we were crazy before.........

Then how do you like us now?!?! We have decided to take ALL the kiddos to Florida!!! We are renting a house and doing 5 days and 4 nights at all the Disney parks........DRIVING TO Florida AND FROM Pennsylvania! LOL!!

I take it this way, if Jon and Kate can do it, then SO CAN WE!! We are even going to have some help because Carrie is coming with us! We are so happy! The houses are so cute, they are all Disney Themed houses, they have the private pools with the Lani's and they are really nice. They are only 4 miles from the entrances to the parks, which is an even bigger plus! Whoo Hoo!!


I am already trying to figure out what we are going to need, because with 7 people and a long drive down, it should prove to be rather interesting. LOL! Carrie is going to fly down and get the house prepared for us before we arrive, so that when we get there, all we have to do is let the kids run around for a bit, and then throw them in bed.

I am really excited as I've been wanting to take the kids to Disney for like 5 years now, so the fact that we are ACTUALLY going on a family vacation this year is so AWESOME!! They are going to be so happy, and I am so happy for them. And what is great is a lot of the rides, they have to be 40 inches, and Jordan is 40, Brayden is 41, and Donovan is 46.5. So that means they can all ride! And there are also a lot of rides that say "Any height" which means even Austin and Rowan can ride! LOL, this is going to be so much fun! It will be nice to get away from PA, and NJ for a little while and change it up a bit! We really need this for the kids. I always feel so bad that their friends have been there at least 3 times, and they've never gone.

The only problem that we see is that it's hurricane season, AND the weather is really hot that time of year, so hopefully we won't experience the extream to this. LOL! I don't need another story for the exciting Chronicles! Then again, it WOULD make you come back~right??

I am going to add the "Official" Disney Countdown clock! We have also started an "X" Chart. The chart is only allowed to have 40 X's, but whoever has 40 X's does not go to Disney~instead...they will have a nice stay at "Resort Tynys" aka. my parents house. If they get an X, they can get it removed by doing a good deed....be it cleaning their room, being a good listener for the day, no whining...etc...So we will see how this develops over the weeks. I will post weekly who has what! LOL!

(oh yeah~now it's 61 days till disney I think. LOL!)

Okay, so since the Hunk decided to make fun of me because my last post was about how I lost 1 pound (he said I was pretty much nuts because I posted that), I will explain why I did that for those who may be as confused as he is.....

As everyone who is dieting or getting in shape knows~you sometimes hit a little "Plateau" for a month or longer...well, as you all know I've been 125 for about a month. So when I broke it, and got to 124~even though it's only 1 pound, it's still a break. So much so now....that I weigh 123 POUNDS!!! So it seems like all my hard work is finally paying off! I am so happy that I am successful in my quest to being a fitness model! And I think that my photos and updated weight and BMI is a great way to see my progress! I am happy with it all, and I just can't wait to be back at my pre pregnancy weight goal 110 lbs. So what, I have like 13 pounds to go before August 1? AAHH!! It's only 2 months away!! However, if I am not in the shape that I need to be in, I am not going to do it until I am comfortable in my own skin. This Friday, I will be updating my pics again on Facebook.

speaking of which, I have to go now and get Donovan~it's his last week of school and they are all 1/2 days.....also I am going to the gym at 5:30.

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