Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Why all the crying?!?

Ugh, today was one of those days with the kids. I put them to bed early. 1/2 hour early! Whoo Hoo! But they are still crying because they all got yelled at...

Why~you ask?!

One question, When you leave a plastic bag filled with poopy diapers on the floor for about 3 minutes with 4 active boys, what do you think will happen??? They decided to throw the bag at each other, in turn breaking it open and getting poop all over my dining room rug. EWW!! How gross!! So I had to clean it up. I put Donovan in time out in his room. Then the other kids were bothering him~running around again and trashing everything. So I've literally had enough of them today! I still have yet to grasp the concept of "When they speak~I have to move right away, but when I speak, it can take up to 10 times before 1/2 of my sentence will have any acknowledgement in their tiny little brains."

I went to my Yoga class today. God it feels so good to get in there and stretch, and complete my core to gain my balance back! Renee asked me if I could still do all the gymnastics from when I was in high school, and I told her I could probably get my flexibility back if I worked on it! LOL! Apparently for these fitness shows~the contestants do gymnastics. Sounds good to me. I'd love to be back in my High School body once again! LOL! I was going to go to a Kickboxing class at 7, but the kids were acting up, and I did not want to bring them back for that extra hour.

We have so many projects in the works. we have to finish a walkway now that the shed is built. We have to finish our basement. I want to repaint the kitchen (yes again!) I have my eye on remodeling the bathroom downstairs because I am sick of looking at the pedistool sink. I want to repain the family room. I also FINALLY want to do my bedroom and bathroom. Unfortunately for me, that is always the last room to be finished. LOL! But the bedroom, and familyroom are going to have to wait until the basement is done. I want all the toys gone, and in the basement. No more upstairs.

Can you believe I STILL hear them crying upstairs?!? OMG~Please go to bed!!
Here are some pictures from today when everyone was happy! Enjoy!

Brayden, Rowan and Austin

Yours truly with Rowan and Austin!

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