Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Life is a "Gas"

So I forgot to mention this the last time, but I was in Yoga laying on the floor and there was a woman laying about 3 feet ahead of me (her feet to my head), and everytime we stretched......she farted! OMG, how do you not realize you are doing this~and WHY do you think it's okay to do this 3 feet away from my head?!? Thank God there was no down wind~otherwise, I'd be in trouble.

Well, today I was in Mat Pilates and the SAME FREAKIN' THING HAPPENED. Except that this person was right across the room, so I was not really too offended. LOL! But come on already! Keep your gas~in your own A*s! Thank you!

So lemme see....my day from hell. Today was one of those days where I probably really should have stayed in bed. Suprisingly~it's not even a full moon, so I can't figure out what the excuse is. Maybe "Just a bad day". Anyway....

So this morning I get up, and get the kiddo's ready to go to the gym (my new found love), (Though as I type, I am now eating my 2nd meatball Hot Pocket at midnight....defeating the purpose I'm sure). There was an 11:00 Yoga class there. I was soo happy because I FINALLY got some other friends to come with me. So we get there, and I get the kids we walk in, and the one girl from the daycare was standing outside. I looked at her like "WTF", because there were also other parents and kids standing around in the foyer of the gym. Well, she proceeds to tell me that they found a little girl in there (currently in the gym as we were speaking), and she was totally infested with Lice!!! EWW!!! Now, I technically was okay with this~because I have boys, and I can just shave their heads if need be....until I found out if I get them, then I am screwed, and so is the dog and furniture...etc. So then my mind over matter starts acting up, and I am itching all over the place. LOL! I felt so gross, and I did not even do anyting. They ended up closing the daycare, and my friends and I ended up not taking any classes. *sniff*

Now please explain to me how the parent did not see all the lice in her kids head especially when she put her daughter's hair in pigtails?!? Maybe she is one of those looser parents who just knew, and was hoping that they would not find out~so that she could still work out....TRASH! I hate people like that! They have no consideration for people like me who have multiple children, and this crap spreads like wildfire, and it's a bitch to get rid of! Come on people and THINK, and be CONSIDERATE of others who will have to deal with this eventually. I'll tell you what, I saw the mom, and if my kids get lice, the NEXT time I see her, she will have ME to deal with! Show some respect Lice Lady!

So I drop off my friends from our eventful yet unproductive time at the gym, then realized that I had to get a duplicate licence because I lost mine behind my kitchen cabinet. Yes, I'm an Idiot. LOL! I went to put it on the backsplash, and did not see the minute hole behind it. As soon as I let go of the bugger, it dropped right beneath. Hunk looked at me and said "omg, that sux!" Duh, you think?!? So that means I have to go to the Penndot Driver's Licencing Center (better known to us New Jersians as DMV.)

Well, I have to honestly say that if we thought DMV was terrible, you should come here and experiance the Wal-mart Rejected employees~who don't like to take cash, or help you. I had 4 kids with me today~so you do the judgement. Okay, soooo I go in and ask the button pusher~info giver outer senior citizen employee how much it cost to get a new licence since I lost mine. She said she does not know, that is not her department....okaaayyy....Well, there was a 1 hour waiting limit. So she proceeds to tell me to go to the board, find what I needed and the cost was there. So I scanned the board and found "Duplicate photo card". Mind you~nowhere did it say "Driver's Licence", so I thought that the photo card was what I needed....$5...not too bad. So I had to go around the corner of the plaza to CVS and get a money order, because they do not accept cash, or credit cards. They only accept Money orders, or checks....ummm...hello?! Ugh, this is all so aggervating to me. So then I come back with my $5 money order waiting my turn with the kids, I get up to the desk and the guy says "Okay~that will be $12". I said, "no way! It's $5 for a photo card." He said "Oh, you wanted a photo card~not a Licence?" OMG, I wanted to grab him by his neck and fling him across the room!!! I said "The woman door greeter said that I needed to look on the board and pick what I needed. I saw Photo Card~Thinking a driver's licence, because she was unable to help me out." I then asked him how I am suppose to pay the remainder of the balance and he said I have to go BACK to CVS and get another one. I said "I want to speak to that lady's manager." She comes over and I told her that lady's job is bullcrap and she is useless. I also told her that it was totally pointless to have her sit there and greet people when she is unable to provide the proper infomation to customers needing things ESPECIALLY when there is a 1 hour wait, and you need to have a freakin money order for whatever you need. She told me that the lady was suppose to direct me to the proper person to speak with for what I needed.....LMFAO you gotta be kidding! I said, well, she did not....and I had to figure it out on my own and got it wrong, and now I am short money for my licence~and it's all her fault. I told her that, that lady is the MAIN person you see when you first walk in, and she should at least have enough knowledge to tell you how much a renewal is and a duplicate. She apologized (but I could tell it was just to get me out of the line), and I told her that I don't appreciate an employee who is such a waste. (she was 100 years old, and could barely hear you as it was.)
I then tell the man, I am not going back to CVS because of all the kids and will pay exact change in cash....so he then directs me to his manager who also tells me that I need to go to CVS for a money order. I look at him and said, "It's dangerous for me to keep lugging these kids all over the place because of the fact your stupid company does not accept cash. I am NOT going back to CVS with all these kids." Then I said to him "you want a money order so badly.........here! (I put the money on the counter) Then YOU go to CVS and get me my money order. He just looked at me like OMG. LOL! Then he said~I can do that for you. And he did. So I got my stupid licence duplicated, and will NEVER go back to that stupid germ infested place again!! Jerks!

So I go to the mall, do what I have to do, Rowan peed through his pants, Brayden and Jordan were whining the whole time.....This one is hungry, that one had to go potty, this one is bored...blah, blah, blah....(that's what it sounds like after a while.) We get Donovan, come home, Carrie comes to do the laundry, and then, I go to my 2 classes at the gym. I felt better after the gym. I really like it there. It's a great little realiver for me.

This past weekend we went with the neighbors to the Sand's casino in Bethlehem. It was terrible. There were no tables. Just slots. It got boring after about the first hour. So we sat around drining $1 beers that the coctail waitress was giving us. LOL! I ended up super drunk. LOL! But it was fun! We also had our neighborhood garage sale, and ended up makin $250, so we did awesome, and sold almost all of our stuff! Whoo Hoo!!

Ugh, I'm tired! Hopefully tomorrow is a better day! Goodnight!

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