Thursday, June 11, 2009

School is almost out!!

I can't wait for school to get out June 18th. Yeah, they got a late outing with all this darn snow, but it's okay. It will be fun to take the kids out to Dorney, and the shore, and go for walks. It will be a blast.....
WAIT A MINUTE! I have 3 MONTHS of having ALL 5 KIDS AT HOME FULL TIMEAlign Center?!?! OMG, I must be totally crazy to be so excited about this! LOL! We will see how my TRUE parenting skills work when I am going to have all 5 all day, all the time!

Sorry I have not blogged, but I don't know about you guys~This weather is such a bummer and I really hope that it is not like this all the time. I've been so tired and unmotivated. I can't wait for the sun to come out. I feel too much anxiety when the weather is like this.

However, yesterday was a very productive day for me. I moved the Island in my kitchen caddy cornered. I like it so much better. I have mentioned to the hunk how I wanted to move it, and he kept saying no, no, no. But I am so sick and tired of the walls getting scratched up by these chairs, that this was the best option. It looks so much nicer this way!



Yes, I did it all by myself! The hunk was at, and I got bored so I decided to do it, even though he said no! LOL! I did not tell him about it all day, and when he came home he just laughed. He actually likes this placement better also. So I am glad. Whoo hoo!!

Look at how big Austin is getting now!

He's such a little cutie pie! He is totally sleeping through the night, and is always such a happy boy! He loves to show his gummy smile, and drool all over you with complete happiness! He's truly, Mr. Right! LOL!!! He weighs about 12 lbs now.

So I have been practicing with my new band. My first show with them is this Saturday, so I am happy since I got screwed out of my farewell show last weekend. What a way to end a band lemme tell ya. NJ just kicked me in the butt, so hopefully Pennsylvania will be as good to me as NJ has!

I have been going to the gym, taking many yoga and pilates classes. I love them. I have really become a work out buff! You can always find me at the gym! It's my home away from home! I hope that I really do meet my goal by August, because if I don't, then I am not going to do it.

LOL, So I am going to try a new way of parenting for the summer, and see what happens. Well, I love watching the Dugger show on TLC, and it just amazes me at how well behaved all those kids are. I wish mine are like that! LOL! But I know that they are limited on computer internet usage, and really hardly watch TV. So I took all the really voilent games off of the computer, you know...Call of Duty, Far cry, etc....

Now, there is only educational games. I think it's good, especially for Jordan who still needs a little help. He should be as good with his ABC's as he is with Call of Duty. If that was the case, he'd be a pure genius! I am also limiting television time ot 3 hours a day. Which is a huge cut back, considering that TV is on all hours of the day. They play so great together with the legos, and other things, that they should do it more. But now that the summer is fast approaching, they should be hardly in the house anyway. So this stuff won't matter.

I have a list of home improvements that will be happening this summer. I can't wait to share them with you!! I am going to be re-painting the kichen (yes, again), and the family room..yes again...but now I am going to do my plain white bedroom and bathroom, (the only 2 non-painted rooms in the house) LOL! My friend Nicole is going to be "Online Designing" for me, so we will see the results..I can't wait. We are still getting 1/2 the basement finished for the boys~which will be nice because every toy in this house will be gone from the upstairs! Whoo Hoo! That is a lot of my stress in this house! Also, the computers will be going down there, and nothing better find it's way back up! LOL!
I am also going to fix up the garage this summer. It's so plain and white. I am going to do shelving, paint the walls, and finish the floor. It's going to look so nice! I want to repaint Rowan's room because the baseball wall looks like crap, and I am tired of looking at it. I am also considering a doggie door for Don vito! LOL! How hard can it be?!?
We are also going to refinish the 1st top level of our yard. It's a mess, but I am using a landscaper to figure out what to do...oh yeah, and we are re-doing our deck......I hate that freakin' deck!

So that's it for now...Check back later!
I am so happy that people are reading my blogs, it makes me excited that some people are really interested in my life with all these men!!
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Okay, off to get my hair dyed! Must get ready now!

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