Saturday, November 8, 2008

23 Weeks Pregnant, and a start to blogging

I am now 23 weeks pregnant! I am starting to feel this little guy moving around like crazy! It's so awesome. I love these days when you feel the movement. To me it's the most amazing time.

I figured I would start this blog site because I canceled my myspace profile. I like myspace, but I find that Facebook is much nicer, and less viruses. So since I am linking this to that, it will not be so bad. However, I just lost so many blogs since the beginning of this pregnancy, it's sinful. Oh well~a fresh new start is always a good thing I guess!

Brayden is going through Oedipus syndrome, it's crazy how much in love this child is with me. He want's to marry me, and he calls me beautiful all the time. It's so funny. Donovan had it, but it was not that bad. This time is crazy! The stuff he comes up with is hysterical! He told me that when Bill and I break up then he can marry me. LOL! I said well, you can't marry me~then he said "Well, when you guys break up, then daddy can have a girlfriend." (where do kids come up with this crap!) But it is really hysterical!

Donovan is doing so great in school. That child is pulling 100%'s on all of his tests (with the exception of 1 or 2 80%'s.) He is very smart, and he's keeping up like a champ. He loves Cub Scouts, because all of his school friends are in it. We are starting to do a lot of community service stuff, and we are advancing really well (and quickly). I am happy!

Jordan is doing really great also. It's amazing that the kids that we planned are non-listening pains in the ass, but the ones that were not planned are much better listeners.....go figure! He officially started potty training, and he's completed so no more pull up diapers for him!! (except for night time!) He is doing fantastic, but still trained later than Brayden (he trained himself at 2 1/2 all by himself.)

Rowan is so smart also. He says a lot of words, and he's communicating really well with people. However, he still hates some strangers, and won't let me work out at the gym. It's not fair! LOL! I can't believe that he turned 1! My baby grew up too fast!

I am doing well, I love my band~though our schedule is laxed a bit. Hopefully we are going to pick up for the new year~which will be nice! I am Donovan's Tiger Cub Scout Den Leader. I love it, the kids are great! They are a little crazy, but hey! They are 11 6 year old boys~what do you expect?!? It is nice to be able to get out, and be with other kids, and do fun stuff. We already got to go on a hike, We are sleeping on the battleship NJ in April, and we are camping out at the Iron Pigs Stadium June 26th! I can't wait! Then in the summer, we are going camping for a week up in the poconos! (yeah, I know~there are no Hilton Hotels around, so I am going to have to rough it!) LOL! I am excited for the upcoming year with the cub scouts~at least we get to go out, and do a lot of stuff that we would not have been able to do before!

So we have decided to stay here in Pennsylvania. We are not moving back to NJ. We have come to the conclusion that we are setting our roots here, and since we are not going to be able to put our house up for sale probably for another 3 year or more until the market gets better, we are just going to finish the basement, put in another bedroom and full bathroom, and stay here. Even if we do put the house up for sale, we will move to another house here in this area, just bigger, (and flatter property.) I think this decision is good for us because the kids are getting involved with a lot of stuff here, and making friends so it sucks to have to move them so far away just for them to start all over again. My mom said "Well, you would not be the only ones to move after the kids are older and made friends and such", but my mom did not want to move when I was younger for the same reason, and I don't want to do it with mine. Granted, I don't think their friends will be living here for the rest of their lives (they may move or whatever.) But it's just the point.

So we are looking into finishing the basement and what our options are. Since the rates are so low right now for equity loans (4%) this would be the best time to get one and do the basement. That would certainly make this house seem bigger~adding another 1500 square feet or so. And all the kids toys will be down there. That is going to be their rec room, so I can get all these damn toys out of my family room! My friend Michelle has her basement set up like that also, no toys upstairs~just in the basement. and I love it. We are giving them the big TV for video games, and we will eventually get a flat screen for the family room. (ah, I love HDTV) LOL! I love when you can just close the door, and no one has to see it! LOL!

Here is a picture of the boys for ya! And here is a Halloween picture! They were suppose to all be clone troopers, but all the costumes ripped in the crotch~and Donovan was the only one who wanted to wear it with the rip. So you all probably remember these other costumes from prior Halloweens! LOL!

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