Monday, November 10, 2008

'Tis the Season (part 1.)

Only because I'm sure there will be a part 2 to this. LOL!

So is anyone else dreading this time of year?? I am happy that I get to at least have Thanksgiving at my house, because you know; with 500 children, it's hard to keep them all at bay! At least here, they can chill and I don't have to worry if they are going to break anything. I love Thanksgiving! Yummy food, and I am totally craving my favorite Creamed Peas!

I told the kids that Thanksgiving is a time where we are thankful for our family and friends, (what we have left), and that they have to give away their old toys to charity! LOL! (They were not happy about this!) But I figured that since we are staying here, and getting ready to finish the basement, that we really need to be rid of the toys that have no matches, or no purpose anymore. It will reduce a lot of the clutter here, and it will give us more room for the new stuff.

I think I am thankful for the fact that their list really consists of video games, and Legos (the tiny ones, not the big ones.) Otherwise, they are pretty easy! (Thank God for having all boys! Less tiny toys to run around the house!) So movies, Lego's and Video games. (I bought them a Wii, they are going to be soo excited!) They can play their gamecube games on it, so it's less games that we have to buy. They are going to get the lego series games (batman, indiana jones, star wars, star wars chronicles) They are going to be so excited!

'Tis the season for the Chinese Apple (Pomogranate). I love these things, and they are a very expensive habit! Thank God the good season for them is only 1 month. LOL! I think in that month Bill buys me at least $100.00 worth! They are so good and addicting. However, I want to start getting my nails done, and I can't because the juice stains your hands and nails pretty bad. So it looks like I have dirty hands. LOL! I guess I'll get them done before christmas when the season for them ends.

I am not looking forward to the winter. So much so, that Bill and I have changed our plans (again) and we are staying in the Big Blue house and we are going to buy a Summer home more than likely in Orlando. I can't believe how cheap the houses there are!! I figured the market would be expensive there because of how close to Disney and all the attractions they are. But I guess I was wrong! This house will also be where we potentially retire. So I am excited! (This will not be for a good few years~we want somewhere close to orlando because of the kids~so we can start traveling with them and have a secure place to go.) We'll see!

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