Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Changing the name!! (older blog from before!)

First off, I want to say that I am really excited for Obama to win as president of our Country! I feel a Democratic Change is going to be really great for us, and bring us back to a Country of somewhat normality, and a better economy!

Okay, now, We've decided to change Little Baby Boy's name to

Austin Robert Coral.

Yeah, I really love Evan Joseph~Maybe we'll keep this name in line for if that Vasectomy fails (hehe!) But I really love the name Austin~so that is going to be his name!

The kids are all confused~and they say Evan, then switch it to Austin. LOL! Thankfully they have a few months to get use to it!! HAHAHA!!

I am starting to feel him move stronger now. Last night he was banging all over the place~and my belly was moving around like crazy. You could actually feel a limb moving, it was so neat!

This baby is going to be here in no time, because you know the holidays are going to fly by, and once January hits~the baby will be here in 2 months!!! AAAHHHH!!!!! I have to prepare myself for chaos! But it's going to be great!

I don't have to do anything except move Rowan to Jordan's room, and then move Jordan into Brayden's room. (they are going to share again!) I am not repainting and all I have to do is bring up the clothes! This is going to be cake!! It's definately a benefit having another boy~and I am really excited!

I can't wait to see which kid he looks like! So far I think he's going to look like Jordan~but I think he should look like Brayden~so Brayden looks like none of the other kids! LOL! I guess we'll see soon enough!

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