Friday, November 14, 2008

Blinded By the Light!!

So Bill and I have a running joke in the house.

I had bought these light bulbs on sale and thought the price was really good. However, I did not realize that they were 100 watts each. LOL! So we have them on, in our bathroom. 4 Of them. So that's 400 Watts of lights just in my vanity. Well, god forbid if you go in there when it's dark, because you are literally "Blinded by the light" for a good 3 minutes or so!

So Bill started making jokes about how NASA Satellites can see our house from the Bathroom skylight. LOL! Well, he just sent me this email this other day and the next one is from this morning~and they were so hysterical, I had to share it with you!

ok miniature.

btw - Got another call fm NASA this am. Apparently, the light fm our
bathroom blinded the pilot of the space shuttle and sent the shuttle out of
the moons orbit.
they said if it happens again, that we are getting a 5 million fuel
surcharge. i told them that you would work off the debt if it does happen
again. lol!!!!

William Coral | Director of Merchandise Operations |PVH Dress Shirt Group |

Then today I got this one...

Ok.....This one was my fault..... I put "the light" on this am to take a
shower like I usually do and went about my routine.
Well, just before leaving the house this am I received a strange call on my

The call was from a Martian named Commander Nanu. Apparently, "the light"
began to incinerate the control panel on board their Martian battleship and
caused them to crash land on Mercury at about 6:20am this am. Commander
Nanu told me if I have that light in the am again at that same time, that
they will come abduct me and melt my brain.

Pls dont make the same mistake I made! lol!!

William Coral | Director of Merchandise Operations |PVH Dress Shirt Group |


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