Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A very "Amusing" Weekend

Wow! My first real weekend without any kids. It was so strange! So what did I do?! (besides sing 2 shows?) WENT TO GREAT ADVENTURE!!! (I should only be so excited.....)

OMG, I got to ride Every roller coaster (minus Kinda Ka~cuz it was broken.) at least I did not have to hang in kiddie land all day. I got to do grown up stuff! It felt soo good and the lines were so short!! My day with my family was nice, but my experience at Great Adventure was terrible. It just shows what happens when an amusement park goes into bankruptcy. It's so sad. Well, let me just say first, how the overall appearance of the park is pretty pitiful. It looks like it has not been updated in forever, stuff has not been maintained like rides, they look like crap and the landscaping looks just plain aweful. What happened to all the littler adult rides?!? You know, the looping spaceship, the round up, music express, bumper cars, the scrambler, etc?!? It seems like they got rid of all of the little rides~and why?! Did it cost too much to keep up with the maintinence? They had some cute little stuff, but you had to pay for it.

So I would like to know, since you pay 99 bucks for a season pass, or 50 bucks for the day. How are you expected to pay 15 bucks for parking or better yet, if you want real close parking how about 25 bucks?? Especially for the season pass holders? You can buy a parking pass for another 40 bucks, (I'm sure that is NOT including preferred parking~did not ask, nor cared at this point) and the water park is another fee in itself?! To me all this money for a park lacking in thrills and abiance is not worth all the extra cost.

See, at Dorney Park, (where I hold my season passes) we pay 99 bucks for adults, our parking is included, and the waterpark is included.....end of story. This is the way it should be. They have a whole bunch of littler rides for "Family" and the ambiance is beautiful and well taken care of. There is nothing like raping your guests for the old mighty dollar. Amusement parks should only be so lucky in this time with the economy the way it is that people are even willing to "waste" the money that they do have to have a "Great Adventure experience."

Now Riddle me this Batman.......

How is it that they have a "Great Deal" with their souvinear cups. $13 and .99 cent refills?! However, you have to store the cup in a temporary locker for $1 when you are in line for 2+ hours dehydrating because of the extream heat. Hopefully you are not a diabetic, or have major health issues because then you may pass out or get dizzy, then having to leave the long line you have entered~and quite possibly not come back from your long 8 hour stay at the hospital? Then by the time you get back to your drink, it is watered down and warm...I'm sure the lockers are not refridgerated?! so $1+14 roller coasters=a souvinear cup that now cost $28.00 and that is NOT including any refills. Now, if you go on a roller coaster more than once, this price can double and triple depending on your day. So "Buyer Beware" or better yet "Kids with a limited allowance for the day BEWARE"!! It's NOT a great deal. It is actually another way for them to steal money out of your already possible hurting pocket. And a total waste.

Now when I went with my family, (my mother is Diabetic) we tried everything. We were told to leave the cup with a non rider...or else we / or they would throw away our $13.00 cup in the trash....HELLO?? We told them she was diabetic, and they did not care. (Not that the 16 year old operating the ride SHOULD care~or understand why they should care.) Now, THEY did not pay the 13 bucks for my cup, so are they going to provide me with the money to purchase a new one?!? Hahaha~NOT!!! So we went on the Scream Machine, and we tried to hide the cup beside the trash can. As soon as we got in the car, they threw it in the trash...It's not theirs to throw away first off, and second, they did it right in front of our faces!!! So when we were done, we took it out of the trash. Then we we decided to just leave it at the entrances of the rides...well we got away with that for a few of them, until Nitro. We get off the ride to retrieve our cup......GONE! They threw it right in the trash along with about 4 other peoples. So we could not get ours back now, because we could not figure out whose was whose. Now we were stuck without a drink for the rest of the day, because we were not spending $3+ for a bottle of water or soda, when we were suppose to get a "Great Deal" by buying the souvinear cup...well gee, thank goodness the water fountains are free.........or will that soon change also?! Maybe they will take them out of the park. When I asked one security guard to pass me my cup from the entrance, he said that he could get fired for handing me my cup, because it was suppose to be stored in a locker...My Goodness! You have GOT to be kidding me!!!!!!!!!!! There is nothing in the world like scaring your employees not to touch the cups~They are Kryptonite, you touch one for any reason besides throwing it in the trash...you loose your job! Wow! I really want to work there!! Dorney park has free little storage lockers on the platform to store cups and shoes and there is a door that covers the other side so the people currently riding will not have their stuff stolen.

And don't get me started on all the shoes that were left on the platform and not stored into lockers like they were suppose to, and also, I saw an operator store a girls big hobo sized purse behind his station so she could ride! Why was that not put in a locker, or the shoes for that fact?!? The rule back in the day was that "they are not responsible for lost or stolen items." So let us choose the right to leave our cups where we want to~we paid for them, and should not be forced to pay for a locker for it, or forced to throw them away!

Then what next, people are going to start getting mad and bring their own coolers in their cars and eat and drink instead of buying in the park. So what do you then think will happen?!? They will probably prohibit all outside food and drinks so that you have no choice but to buy their overly priced stuff. And they wonder why they are going Bankrupt?!? It's no suprise to me...that's for sure, they have always been grossly overpriced, and it's about time it's finally caught up to them.

So needless to say, with all the maintainence problems that day with the rides (and the day after as my sister went and she said a lot was broken down also), and the whole drink drama, we left there very frusterated, broke and thristy.........thank goodness for the WaWa down the street! (and no wonder why it's so packed during the season...) I will not be going back~and to think I ALMOST bought season passes for my family since I am at the shore all summer. I'll blow my money on the boardwalk before I will ever step foot back into Great Adventure. I feel bad for my family who purchased season passes for a park that is totally way less than par! Great Adventure should be paying people to ride at their park.

With all this drink cup issue, I can only imagine all the lawsuits they will incur because of the inability to drink while waiting in long hot lines without anything to hydrate yourself....I can't wait to see this park when that happens...bad idea on their part.

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