Monday, May 18, 2009

Birthday Boys and a messy house...

Why is it when I clean and the house looks nice, all those darn kids, just destroy it. Then it looks like absolutely nothing was done. Grrr.... I don't like living in a pigsty, but come on now. This is just nuts!! LOL! They just throw things on the floor, and they don't even care. "Donovan clean your room", nothing...or he'll clean~but think he's smart, and then try to hide stuff under his bed and dressers. Bad, Bad Kid!

So on a sad part of the news, I quit my band that I love so much! It breaks my heart to have to do it...but, I must do it, because the drives home are long and boring and dangerous. In the whole 6 years I've been singing, I have no idea what it's like to actually drive a 1/2 hour or less to a show. I've always drove at least an hour. So I am moving my voice to Pennsylvania, and will be rockin' the rednecks and NY/NJ imports! Just as soon as I find a band as awesome as mine. It will be so strange to find a band that is NOT in NJ, and NOT at my usually "comfort zones of home." I don't know how I'm going to like playing to strangers, and not to my usual fans. I think I may have entered "The Singlite Zone".......DAH DAH DAAAHHHH!!! I am so nervous about this, it just about turns the food in my tummy. However, now all my PA friends can FINALLY come out to see me! So now there is no excuse for them not to come out! LOL! God I hate change.

On a Lighter note, My friend Joe has informed me that he heard my Jingle on Sirius XM Satellite Radio Saturday at 3 am! He said he screamed really loud when he heard it, so much so he could have raised the dead! LOL! (I love Joe. He's so funny!) So that means now I am in high gear listening trying to ESP my jingle out of these people for when I am listening!! LOL! I am so excited~and I really hope they call me again to do some more! I think I might have a knack for this sort of thing...LOL!

So the Boys had their birthday party this weekend.. They had such a good time. This place was awesome., and it was such a hit with all the kids. 24 rsvp'd and 30 showed up. Plus about 2 parents per child, makes for a HUGE and fun par-tay! I am so happy that they had a great time. Donovan did the rock wall and climbed all the way to the top! I am so proud of him!!

The Birthday Boys

The whole crew!

So I have not heard anything today on Donovan's issue at school...What a mess. He came home today and said that the principal did not call him into the office. So I guess I will be making a phone call tomorrow. Grr...

Bill and I joined LA Fitness..I am happy because since I am starting that fitness modeling for my Sis/Bestie Renee, I will be more motivated to go and do things there! I try at home, but the motivation stinks, and I don't push myself as much. So when I see these other people who look awesome, it will make me work harder. Bill is the same way I think. He needs that extra motivation also. We are going to try to go together also. That will probably happen more on the weekend, rather the weekdays. Especially right now with our chaotic summer schedule. I am thinking of getting certified in Pilates. I love them, I swear by them, and I could totally teach the crap out of that class!!! LOL! We'll see.

So my project that is coming up?!? I am going to be turning my island in the kitchen. I don't like the chairs hitting the walls, and gashing them. So I am going to turn it. I think it will look nice, hopefully that will happen soon. Yes, I will have some screw marks on my floor, but I can fix those, and I am soo not worried about it.

what else? I guess nothing for now!! Enjoy this video of Don Vito cleaning the crap out of his brother!!! LOL! So freakin' cute!!

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