Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A night at the Opera......

Yes.....the opera.....God I love the opera....

But the opera that I am talking about is the one from the producers of The Coral Chronicles.....It's a tale between 4.5 brothers who like to bite, hit, choke, torment, tease, and make each others lives miserable......sometimes there is love and bonding, but the majority of the time there is whining...the musical sounds that even myself as a rock star can just not listen to anymore. Fingernails on a chalkboard......."Mommy, Brayden touched me", "Mommy, Donovan kicked me", I swear sometimes I just want to change my name. Sometimes I try to ignore them~but then they just follow me around the house, crying, and whining some more until I pay attention to them. (MAKE IT STOP!!! JUST SHUT IT!!!) So I just tell them to get over will get better~I promise! LOL!

Today was one of those days, so much so that even Carrie the laundry lady said "It's amazing how you are not in the loony bin". And I told her.............I sometimes suprise myself that I am not an alcoholic...all this obsessive whining and crying could really make someone go crazy. So I have just learned to close my eyes, and take a deep breath and..................................THREATEN EVERY INCH OF THEIR LIFE IF THEY DON'T JUST SHUT THE HELL UP!!!!!!!!!!! LOL! Sometimes it works....sometimes not. Mostly not. Poor me. So right now they are all in bed, and I am sitting in the kitchen blogging my heart out in the peace and quiet known to those in the Opera as "Intermission".

I hope that made all of you guys feel better that my kids are crazy knuckleheads who drive me up a wall.

So, I pick Donovan up from the bus stop today, and he comes to my car crying with a bloody nose. He was apparently irritating his 2 friends on the bus and they each punched him in the face. Giving him a bloody nose. I am so pissed off that I went on the bus and yelled at the kids that punched him, and the bus driver admitted that those kids were misbehaving on the bus since they got on.....(must be little jailbirds in training.) I said to the one kid, "Why did you punch him in the face" He said "Because he was irritating me". I yell at the child "YOU DO NOT PUNCH SOMEONE'S CHILD IN THE FACE!" "THAT IS NOT RIGHT!" That child looked like he was going to poop in his pants by the time I got done with him, and the bus driver did not even get involved~he just let me say my peace. (or yell! LOL). Well, I immediately called the school and spoke with the principal. She was very sympathetic and mad. I told her "Yes I'm sure my son is annoying, or annoyed someone~but that does NOT justify that child AND his friend punching him in the face!" She agreed. She said the proper actions will be taken. They better be, and I will be keeping up on this. Then my friend called me and told me that apparently there are video cameras on the bus. So I hope they kept it. I hope those kids are not coming to his birthday party~Jerks!! So I will keep you updated as to what happens. Their parents better do the right thing!

Donovan 1 hour after being pummeled. Poor kid!

Pictures today?! hmmmm.....Oh, so I went shopping. Bought a Sam's club membership, because it's closer to my house then BJ's. Went to Wally World because I needed hair dye. (my roots are coming in rather fast and terrible.) I also ended up buying 2 tomato plants, corn plants, and 2 strawberry plants. I guess we are changing up the garden this year. LOL! Depending on the weather (and because of the fact I have no money left) we will probably plant them tomorrow. Whoo Hoo!

"Grow big little plants!"

So my Bestie/Sis Renee owns her own health/fitness company., and guess what!? I am going to be a fitness model for her company (well, one of them at least!) LOL! I will participate in fitness competitions, and I will be in the Calendar she produces! What is great is the calendar benefits a charity. So it's a good thing! So now I have to start doing her core exercises off her website, and get my booty in shape in time for all this stuff. My deadline is............I'm gonna have to ask her. LOL! I am going to take weekly pictures of my body progressing and what not. But that will be on my Facebook page. Not here. Well, maybe I'll post it here also. We'll see. LOL!

Hey! You wanna see a picture of Rowan playing with his balls?! LOL!

There you go! LMAO! Silly kid!

Hopefully we will have a better day tomorrow!

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