Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What is it with these WEEKENDS!!

So yes, I had another one...LOL! But no guns were involved, I promise!!! Just my voice.....

So this past weekend was so exciting for me! Friday I was suppose to meet my friends (who I have never met before~only chatted on the phone) in NYC, for a day of fun...........and to drop off my Demo to Sirius XM Satellite Radio. Well, guess what happened!?!?! I just happened to be at the right place, at the right time, and I got to do my first Jingle for the 70's on 7 Channel. It is apparently set to air this week!! I am so excited! I obviously have to thank my friend Debby, (because she works there) and if it was not for her, I would NEVER have this opportunity!! So you can hear it on my facebook, or on my myspace demo page....www.myspace.com/rheacoral, or scroll to the bottom and push play!!
I hope that I get to do another one soon, because it was so much fun~and I think that doing what you absolutely love (for me singing and spawning children), makes it so much more fun!!

Sirius Producer Jerry R. mixing the Jingle

My Ed Hardy bag, watching over the Jingle work being done!

So while I was in NYC, I went to Soho and guess what I bought?!?!

Ed Hardy Soho, NYC

Ed Hardy W.13th Street, NYC

Yes, I took a pic of myself with my bag.....LOL

and look at this truck! AWESOME!

My BEAU-TIFUL Ed Hardy Eternal Love Purse~IN PURPLE!!!

Ugh! Talk about IN LOVE! It's huge (enough to hold diapers and bottles) and purple. On the one side are Rhinestone flowers, it's just so awesome! I am really glad that I did not go to Louis Vuitton for my Speedy 25. I really think this designer is great!!! (I can't believe I am drooling over something that is not made by LV! LOL!) There is another purse he has that I love, and the stores only had it in blue. They said it comes in purple also~so that will be my next one.....when I can find it! I went to the w.13th street one, did not like that store at all, they had low inventory on purses and sunglasses, and they literally had only 3 purses in the whole place~which was really small and hard to find. The taxi driver and I were not sure where we were because it was hard to find from the street! The inside was equally as small.

The one is Soho was Fan~tabulous!!! It was huge, and they had a slew of everything. I recommend going to that one first if you have a choice. It's located on 49 Mercer Street. I was really happy until I got back to Sirius in Manhattan, and realized they left the security tag on, and thanks to Debby, her Metro Card, (because I did not want to spend another $30 on Taxis) and 4 or 5 subway cars later~I got it exchanged (because it was also missing a zipper pull on the one side pocket.) A little bad experience, but at least I got the purse I love!

Oh yeah! Look what Tom Chiu did!

These are my Ed Hardy Lowrise Stencil Shoes. I wore them to Molly's the night I went to NYC, and he thought they were so cool! I am going to have to get this framed!! Visit his site, and hire him if you need FANTASTIC photos!!!
(He's taking our family photos June 13th and I can't WAIT!!)

Anyway, so on Friday, I ended up NOT meeting with my friends, but they came to my show that night. it was so great to see them, and meet them for the first time!

So then Saturday morning, Donovan and I were suppose to go to the Franklin Institute for Cub Scouts, and because I did not get home until 4 am that morning (and had to be in Philly by 9 am)..you guessed right! I could not get my sorry but out of bed and ended up sleeping until 12:30!!! LOL!
So I mowed the grass, did some motherly things, and then had another show Saturday night! Thankfully this show ended at 12 mindnight, so a nice early night for me.

Sunday~Mother's Day
We drive down to the shore, and go to the Tinton Falls Outlets. I've never been there since it's opened. Let me tell you~OMG! Juicy Couture outlet, Burberry, Cole Haan, Bebe, Ugh! Awesome, awesome, awesome!! I will be going back to the Bebe outlet there. Their clothes were really nice!
Then we go to CB Huntington and had dinner with the in law, and my parents all 500 of my kids and Patty Smith~her Granddaughter and her mom. It was really nice company. We ate, let the kids play games, then we trucked on down to the boardwalk. The kids got to ride the rides, and I have been dying for a great Gyro. But since Mr. T's gyro shop is gone now, none compare......*sigh* I want to try that gyro shop on route 37. Anyone been there yet!?

Then we went back home....Long weekend Part 2! But it was very successful for me, and very rewarding! I am literally on top of the world!
(Oh yeah~did I mention that Carrie the Laundry Lady came back this week from her week long vacation?!?!) LOL! I feel bad to all the laundry she came back to~I bet she won't go away for that long ever again!!! Muahahaha!!! LOL! We missed her very much! She is very loved here!

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