Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Who is fertile in my house?!

Well, something is spawning kids on my house, and it sure as heck is not me! LOL! I have birdies growing on both sides of Austin's bedroom shutters. I know they hatched because I could hear all the little babies chirping because they were so hungry, while I was mowing the grass today. Now tell me this.....Why is it that my neighbor Rob and I removed both nests, and they immediately built new ones. It's gross, (yeah, I know baby birds are cute~but not when their parents are pooping all over my stone, and shutters.) Why can't they poop on someone else's house?!? Why must we be the house of fertility?! "HEY IF YOU WANT FERTILE EGGS COME AND RUB UP AGAINST MY HOUSE!!!" We should be on the news. 4 years we have been here, and 4 years we have unwillingly grown baby birdies. 2 nests under our deck, 2 nests in our shutters, and God knows where else they are spawning on my property. Yuck! As long as it's not me, I guess I don't care all too much! Better them then me.

So I have put out my ad in search for a new band out here in the Lehigh Valley. I have gotten 5 propositions in only 2 days. Pretty good huh?! Well, yesterday I went on an autition. OMG, let me tell you how~when you are use to being well known, and not having to ever having to audition because people don't know you from a hole in the wall~It's soo nerve wracking!!! Now I know how other people feel when they audition. Scared, and alone. Wow! LOL! That's okay...I'm getting ready to make a name for myself out here now. So I will NEVER have to go to another audition again! LOL! Eh, who am I kidding. I can only hope that Pennsylvania will love me as much as Jersey has!! I already know that I will have a few followers when they can get out, so it will be nice to see some familiar faces.
Anyway, I have another audition this week coming up, and I guess I am pretty much a shoe-in if I want to join them. So that makes me feel better. This band does pretty much everything from every band I've been in~so it's a great variety! Yes, I am a rock star....but I do LOVE my motown and disco also. It's great for my vocal range, and keeps me working to build my range to be better than it is. Once you loose it, it is pretty hard to get back. So I will keep you updated with how the audition goes. They want me to start working right away, so I assume that this is where I will be.

This weekend is going to be very busy for me coming up. Friday I have the Cabin, the Saturday~I believe I am going to Great Adventure with my mom, because the private party we were suppose to do in LBI Saturday, got rescheduled for Sunday. So I will not be back home until Monday afternoon. Thankfully my dad is coming up to help Bill, because Saturday is a busy day for the men. Birthday party, Lowe's workshop, and something else that I can't remember. LOL!

I am considering taking Donovan out of Cub Scouts. Especially if I join this other band. Their schedule is so packed~all the way through 2010!! So their is really no way that I would have the time. I can barely keep up with it all now. Ugh, I don't know what to do. I feel bad leaving, but right now is not the best time for all of this. I wish their could be more days in the week, or more hours in the day~something. Ugh, I hate making decisions.

So I guess that is what is going on with me at this moment. OH YEAH! My Jingle I did for Sirius XM was aired! My friend Joe told me that it aired this past saturday! I am so excited! I can't wait to hear it for myself now! LOL!
Here you go! I am going to leave you with the Star Wars Boys! Jordan and Rowan singing the theme song! Then Rowan gives you a little bit of the alphabet!

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