Thursday, July 30, 2009

Butt Kickin' Booties and the lack of good Chinese Buffets.

Today was a day from hell....let me tell you! It was not really one of those "Good" Days.

I understand the Coral knuckleheads are young....and kids will be kids, but today was one of those days where I wanted to rip my hair out.....or just run away.

We went shopping with Carrie so we can grab the last of the stuff we need for our Crazy Disney vacation. Before we went in the first store I said to the "Okay guys, let's show Carrie how good we behave in the stores!" (famous last words...)

Well, let's just say that everything they know they are NOT suppose to do in the stores.....they did! From running around and horse playing, to hiding in the racks and touching everything that man created. Between Rowan screaming the whole time in the Christmas Tree Shop because he was woken from his nap, to Rowan screaming in Marshall's because he was still not happy and getting his way, and Brayden whining and fighting with his brothers, to Donovan initiating everything, I wanted to hang them all by their toenails and give them Chinese water tourture until one of them understood that I have had enough.

Now explain to me this.....why on earth is Pennsylvania the only place that has the worst chinese buffets in the world?!? Now everyone who knows me (Gen) knows that when I come to NJ I HAVE to go to the Chinese Buffet, because I can not for the life of me get a decent fix here. The food is so terrible, dry and greasy. So much so, that I get belly aches, and I feel so sick afterward. So we went to one in Whitehall, and the food was so terrible (which I expected). It was cold, and they did not replenish anything. The crab legs were tiny and not good, and the butter that I had gotten to dip them in I saw had a gnat floating in it....let's just say that I immediately lost my appetite. So then I wanted an ice cream. I go to the self serve station and went to grab the ice cream scoop, when I saw that they had it stored in a glass, for God knows how long, with stagnet water and residue from all the other people that have used it that day, I totally lost whatever appetite I had left. No way on earth was I going to use it, it was so gross. So I ended up using a regular spoon to scoop out 5 cups worth of ice cream for the kids. I will never go to that place again. Just terrible.

So then we came home....Bill put the kids to bed, and I was soo irritated, that I went out and washed my car.....yes I did....1:00 in the morning. It was really relaxing believe it or not. I did not have to listen to ANY kids, and the only thing I heard was running water......

Calgon....Take me away.......

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