Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My name is Logan

LOL, I think it's so funny~this morning Donovan (the oldest) told me that he changed his name to Logan, and wants to be called that from now on. So I am playing the game.....LOL! I just called out "hey Logan" and he looked up and said "What". So I guess that is what he wants. LOL! Like I said to my Facebook friends, at least he did not want me to call him Giovanna, or some female name...but even if he did~I'd be fine with it! LOL!
That's okay, I changed my name to the Queen and they all have to call me that from now on, so I guess it's only fair! LOL!

So the boys want to go camping, so yesterday I put up our little tent, and we are going to sleep in it this weekend.....I can't wait to see how long they last out there! LOL! This should be pretty comical! LOL! I am debating on letting them sleep out there by themselves and just sleeping on the couch downstairs, or sleeping out there with, will see how I am feeling at that time! LOL!

So there are only 39 Days left until we go to Disney!!! Man, I can't believe how the time just flies by so fast!!! Carrie and I have been buying up the Dollar Store's stuff for the trip. LOL! I've bought the little personal fans for them, squirt bottles to spray the kids with, you know all the things we will need because of the long know I am a little Jealous that Carrie is flying and getting there in 2 hours. LOL! I would have loved to take all the kids on a plane and be there in no time vs. driving there and taking 15 hours and listening to kids complaining. LOL! Oh well, maybe next time! We are loading them up on video games, movies, and snacks just to shut them up! LOL!

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