Monday, July 6, 2009

Wow, it's been a while

I can't believe that I have not blogged in like 2+ weeks! Well, I won't bore you with all the details of those 2+ weeks, but maybe we will give a brief snyopsys. LOL!

I am FINALLY down to 118 pounds! I can't believe that I am 4 months post partum, and already only 8 pounds away from my goal! This is AMAZING!! Though I have not been to the gym in like over 2 weeks (they are probably wondering if everything is okay~since I was going so much). but with the new band, and our regular schedule, It's just chaos, and I have not had the time.

That will change this week, because I got to start going again.

Anyway. So we had our friend's son for the week one week, and he was so awesome. Not the behaviour I expected from him, but it was great having him with us for the week. We took him to Dorney with the other kids, and they were so well behaved it was sick! I could TOTALLY do 6 kids! It was cake! LOL!!! He is always welcome here, and the kids can't wait to have him back!
So that was 1 week....LOL

Week 2 was just a mess of everything from band, we FINALLY got a great guitar player this week, so now the band is complete, and we are going to be really great! I can't wait until we get all the harmonies down. It's going to be awesome!

I dropped by the shore this past week to suprise my friends....(and they were really suprised!) So it was nice! You should have seen their faces! They made me sing a song, which I was against doing....LOL! Cuz I am shy when I sing karaoke! LOL!
Then I also took the kids with my mom to the boardwalk for some fun! I love going there...the smells, and the sights. However, I don't miss the Bennys, and all the stupid traffic that comes with it! LOL! Anyway...the kids had fun, and trying to pack up everything was a chore. LOL. You know, when you have 5 kids, you can't just pick up and go like when you have 1 or 2. LOL, you have to bring everything and the kitchen sink! LOL!
Bottles, check, diapers, check, toys, check, 600 pair of clothes to change in, check...check, check! LOL! Ugh, thank god I have a big enough car! LOL!

Disney is getting closer and closer, and I am getting so excited for the kids! They are going to have such a great time! Carrie is really excited also! Bill...........well, I don't know how he's feeling about all of this! LOL! Eh, we'll get out one night~and we've decided to extend our stay an extra day, so it will be good! We are going to have a party/BBQ, and invite our friends and their kids. It's going to be so much fun!

Alright, I am going to start a new blog....LOL! This one was just to update you a bit...

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