Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I know, I know

It's been a week since I updated again...or something like that! LOL! I've been so busy, ugh....when school starts I'll have more time!

So I finished the Chiminea, and it's GEORGOUS!!! (if I do say so myself!) Looks brandy new, and the boys had such a great time with it! Here is the finished product!
Looks good, Huh?!? I am so proud of myself! Now, I have to find one for my friends because they want one! LOL! I told them I'd refinish it for them, so if anyone comes across a metal one, (not the clay ones) Please let me know! Thanks!!

So........I waxed my armpits....or I should say Armpit...(after this experience, I was too traumatized to do the other one!) the day before GWO (girls weekend out). And I guess I did not pull the skin taught enough, and OMG hurt like a mother!! LOL! I had a pretty red and raw area in my armpit because of this, and lemme tell you~I'm gonna designate a friend to hold my skin tighter............so beware!!!!! LOL!!!! I'm soo into waxing, and since I have a somewhat mild case of OCD, I'm suprised that I and my family are not all completely hairless! LOL!! My new answer to everything is....."that's okay, we can just wax it off!" LOL! I'm trying to convince the Hunk to let me do his chest....so far I think it's a no go~Grrr....

So we are on 26 days until Disney, we just ordered our tickets and should be getting them soon! I am soo excited for the kids! And I can't wait until we see this house in person that we are going to be staying in! Ugh, it's gonna be soo nice!!

I have not yet decided on what I am doing with the shoutters, however, I can tell you this much....them little S.O.B's now moved their nest to my dining room shutters! OMG DOES IT EVER FREAKING STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate birds, I think I now hate birds more than I hate freaking Liver......or a good stomache pumping...AND GUESS WHAT!?!?! They grew MORE babies on my back deck!!!!!!!!!! AAAHHHH! Okay, so here are the new babies (second batch this summer) LOL!
Awwww so cute under my deck.....NOT!!! (you only think it's cute because they are not under YOUR deck! LOL!)
Aww, the flash woke them up...so now they are noisy! GGRREATTT!!!

And the house with NO shutters on the stone. I think it does not look that bad. And now we are pretty much bird free (minus the deck) so it's not soo bad! I will deal with it, and I like it actually! If anyone comes across birdhouses relatively inexpensive I would like to purchase some, I need to give them another option besides my house to spawn in! LOL!

This past weekend, I went to GWO (girls weekend out) and got smashed, and that's all you guys need to know, but here is a great picture for you all to laugh at!
I was stupid drunk, LMAO! But a great picture of me for all of you guys to laugh at, for the end of this blog!
XOXO, Thanks for reading!!

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